It’s Bake Time for Sylvester Stallone as the Delivery Man for Warburtons Bread, And More

Sylvester Stallone is making headlines yet again. The old man is back on screen, but this time much to everyone’s surprise is featuring in an ad commercial made for Warburtons bread. In this 1 minute 50 seconds film, we see Stallone in all his old classic forms. From the ringing of the old 3:30 am Rocky Balboa, wake up exercise alarm to the suited for combat man of Expendables, this advertisement has it all packed for the Stallone fans!

The advertisement starts with John Warburtons’ secretary telling him that he has a call to answer from Sylvester Stallone. Warburton is caught by surprise when the action star talks about his idea of a film; where we have our Italian Stallion play a delivery man for the Warburtons bread company.

To start the idea, Stallion is shown to visualize the old 3:30 am wake up alarm ringing from the old Rocky movies and the man is all set to run the mile with that old grey hoodie on. He reaches the factory where he dons his baking gloves and heads to bake the bread, and it is by 4am that the Warburtons have that delicious bread out of the oven and ready to reach the stores.

Just like in Expendables, all suited up in black and ready for combat we have Sylvester get his men on the delivery trucks and takes charge of one of the wheels. They are out on duty. Duty to serve the Warburtons bread to stores right on time. Nothing stops Rambo! Not even a traffic jam.

He is shown to jump off his truck and run the distance with the bread just to deliver it in time!  With this, we have our one-time boxer bring a smile on the girl from the bakery shop. The fans are then treated with a scene where the crowd is running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum, which is an important part of Rocky.