Transformers 5: Crossover with G.I Joe Possible, Megan Fox Likely to Make a Comeback, And More News

Transformers 5 have been making headlines time and again with numerous surprises for its fans. While some of them were good surprises, others were quite bad ones! From crossovers to casting to release dates everything looks uncertain for the 5th edition of the Transformers franchise. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is keeping everyone thinking as to what is finally going to come out or rather how and when it is going to come out.

G.I. Joe and Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said on records at the Cinemablend back in 2013 that there could be a possibility of a crossover film. He says that these movies have a very strong mythology with a lot of characters and it will take a lot of movies before which people start falling short of ideas.

He continues that if he heard a story that grabs his attention and includes machination and a war between them then it will lead him to Transformers. While Bonaventura had mentioned a G.I Joe and Transformer crossover, everything regarding this information remains unclear.

With Marvel initiating a successful crossover with Avengers and Agents of SHIELD, the production team of Transformers 5 might be thinking that one with the All-American-Heroes and the Autobots will work wonders too.

To further add on to the suspense, Transformers 5 might again feature Mark Wahlberg, who was seen in Age of Extinction. Last year there were talks that Mark Wahlberg will not be a part of the franchise, but December 2014 saw Mark telling MTV that he was interested in doing more Transformers films.

On the other hand, people just cannot stop talking about the return of Megan Fox.  Ever since her tussle on the set with director Michael Bay, Megan was booted in the third installment of the franchise.  The two did get over their differences and Megan was seen in Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle adaption, but this is just not enough for fans to believe that Megan is going to be back for Transformers 5.

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