The Affair Season 3: Noah Takes the Blame, Upcoming Season to See Helen and Noah Come Closer, Maura Tierney Wins the Globe!

The Affair Season 2 ended with a lot of drama with Noah taking all the blame for the accident that killed Scotty (Colin Donnell). Noah took the blame on his shoulders even though he wasn’t the one who was on driver’s seat. Noah and Helen (Maura Tierney) had caught up and they have a moment where they seem to reconsider their divorce.

Helen and Noah drive back with Helen driving. There is an instant where Noah touches Helen’s palm and she swerves the car and it hits something hard. Upon coming out of the car they realize that they had killed Scotty.

The entire season 2 of The Affair went in trying to understand who was responsible for killing Scotty and it was ultimately Noah who took the blame. Noah had tormented Helen enough during the course of their marriage.

He had left his entire family to be with Alison (Ruth Wilson). Helen had been driven to binge drink to get rid of her pain since she could never come to terms with the fact that Noah had left her for his mistress.

Helen did try to cheat on Noah with his friend Max (Josh Stamberg), but she couldn’t be as cruel to her ex-husband as he was. She tried to stay strong with her kids even when Noah rubbed it on her that he was leaving her for Alison who was pregnant with his child. Helen had continued to love her husband and she was more than happy to take him back.

Noah on his part realizes how brutal he was with Helen. He faces reality when Alison breaks it to him that her baby’s father isn’t Noah. Alison knew all along who the father of the baby was, but she had forced him to continue believing that he was the father and made Noah leave his entire family back.

Noah decides that it was his duty and moral obligation to take the blame for the accident that cost Scotty his life. He was not involved in it any which way though. It was Alison who pushes Scotty when he tries to make untoward advances at her and then it was Helen who hits Scotty on the road.

However, as luck would have it, Max, Noah’s best friend comes forward with details about his action which convinces the court that Noah is actually responsible for the accident. Max says that he was sleeping when he heard a car pull into his driveway.

He saw that it was Noah and felt that he had come over for a drink. However, Noah never came in. He instead grabbed a hose and washed the front portion of the car and then backed his car off and left.

When Max had gone down to check what had just happened, he realized that there was a patch of blood on the driveway where Noah had parked the car.

The Affair Season 2 ended with Helen standing by Noah when he is acquitted for the murder of Scotty and Season 3 is going to pick up from that very point. Noah taking the blame on himself might make Alison speak up for she knows how wrongly she has treated him. This might also trigger Helen to speak up about the fact that she was the one who was driving when the car hit Scotty.

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