Melanie Griffith: Watches Parts of Daughter Dakota Johnson’s Film, Goes Out for Dinner with Kris Jenner!

Melanie Griffith, the mother of Fifty Shades of Grey’s star Dakota Johnson hadn’t seen the movie until recently. The actress refused to watch the film since it showed her daughter in very questionable incidents and she didn’t feel comfortable seeing Dakota Johnson in those scenes.

When she was asked at the Grammy’s if she had seen the movie, Melanie Griffith had clearly said that no mother would want to see their child having sex and especially when it is sex in the room of pain. Being a proud mother, she had replied that she already knows how great an actor Dakota is and doesn’t need to watch Fifty Shades of Grey to get an idea about it.

Dakota Johnson had made it very clear that her parents don’t get to watch the film. There was no way that she would allow them to watch her getting intimate and stripping naked in her first film. Melanie Griffith had gone visiting her on the sets when they were shooting regular scenes and she had seen the room of pain and that was where she drew the line.

E! Online reported that Melanie Griffith has watched parts of Fifty Shades of Grey, but they had nothing to do with Dakota Johnson removing her clothes or getting into bed with Jamie Dornan.

Fifty Shades of Grey was based on the popular novel by E. L. James and it was Dakota Johnson’s first Hollywood outing. She played the role of Anastasia Steele while Jamie Dornan played the role of Christian Grey.

Melanie Griffith said that she had watch just parts of the film where the uncomfortable footage was edited out for her benefit. She said that no matter how much she tried she couldn’t convince herself to watch the love scenes between her daughter and Dornan.

Dakota Johnson spoke about the awkward manner in which her character Anastasia Steele behaved in the film and she said that she doesn’t mind when people laugh at the character’s absurdity since that it how it is supposed to be. She said that if she isn’t able to laugh at those awkward moments then things get very tense and weird.

Melanie Griffith added that she would definitely watch Dakota Johnson’s next Hollywood project How to Be Single, which is going to release on 14th of February. It is a comedy and the Melanie Griffith will not have uncomfortable scenes to edit out.

Melanie Griffith might have aged, but she has done it very gracefully. The actress was spotted at the Los Angeles airport, on her way to Sundance Film Festival in Utah and she looked very chic. She had on a black ensemble with a turtle neck sweater, skinny trousers with boots and a fur lined coat. She wore a stylish cat-eyed shade and was all smiles.

Melanie Griffith and Kris Jenner are very close friends and the two usually take their vacations together. They had gone on a vacation to Cuncun in Mexico last year in March.

The two were spotted out on dinner together at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. While Melanie wore tan and beige, Kris Jenner came out in an all-black ensemble and they both looked very smart.

While Kris Jenner had on a black knee length dress along with stilettos and a long floor length black coat, Melanie Griffith wore a beige cardigan over cream colored trousers and long tan overcoat.