Teen Wolf: Jeff Davis Teases The Identity Of The Dread Doctors, Speculation About The Beast!

Teen Wolf Season 5 is back with the second half and things are getting very exciting. The first question that the fans need answers to is-who are the Dread Doctors? The show runner Jeff Davis has teased fans that the answer to that question is going to be answered by the end of the season.

The show runner while talking about the Dread Doctors also added that the make-up team for Teen Wolf had done a great job in bringing the characters of the Dread Doctors to life with their artistry.

He has assured the fans that there is something very interesting inside those masks so they should wait for the unveiling. He has assured fans that the identity of the notorious gang will be revealed by the twentieth episode and they will not have to wait any further for it.

The identity of the Dread Doctors is going to be the lead to the next season of Teen Wolf. However, the good characters don’t just have to contend with the Dread Doctors and the Beast, but they also have old villains like Gerard and Deucalion returning in the series.

Davies added that each character is trying to make the Beast act on their favour. If the Beast is defeated, then Gerard feels that he can bring back fame to his family and will make the Argents a legacy. Theo is working hard to gain the power of the Beast and the Dread Doctors also have something up their sleeves, which will be revealed soon enough.

Gerard will be the one to tell the story of the Beast of Gevaudan in the flashback, which will be featured in the upcoming episode. This episode will also see Crystal Reed returning in the Teen Wolf as Marie-Jeanne Valet.

The story will reveal the occurrence of 1760s when the Beast was around in France. This flashback will help the pack pick up information that might help them to identify the Beast.

Theo has figured that the Dead Doctors have summoned the beast into the body of a teenager who is completely clueless that he is nights are spent obeying the commands of the evil Dread Doctors. While the identity of the Beast hasn’t been revealed, Buddy TC has speculated that might be Mason.

Mason is one of the most innocent and lovable character in Teen Wolf. He has no power and is usually not aware of all the information, but he still decides to help out in every little thing because he is by nature helpful and also because he is completely dedicated to Liam, who is his best friend.

If Mason has been made the Beast of Gevaudan then things are going to be very difficult for Mason.

The Teen Wolf creators always make their important characters go through a lot of inner dilemma and if Mason realises that he is the bad guy and then ultimately ends up killing someone as the Beast of Gevaudan then things are personally going to get very difficult for him.

He will not be able to come to terms with the fact that he has ended up killing an innocent person. Mason is one of the very few people who regularly interact with the pack and to make him the Beast of Gevaudan makes sense since it would bring Liam at a crossroad.