Austin Mahone: Becky G Opens Up About Their Break Up, Performs at Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution!

Austin Mahone and Becky G were the cutest thing ever, but it looks like they are no longer together. It was disappointing yes, but then this was their decision and we cannot help it. The two have been supportive of each other and very cordial, but things looked a little shaky recently when the two of them had a tiff on Twitter.

The two have come out to say good things about each other even after their break up and have never publicly humiliated or bad-mouthed each other. However, the recent exchange on Twitter says otherwise.

It looks like Austin Mahone and Becky G were attacking each other in a passive aggressive manner. Hollywood Life reported that the two were posting on their profile in such a manner that it looked like they were dissing each other.

Becky G started by saying that she can’t even be mad since she might have to tip her hat. Austin Mahone tweeted immediately saying that there’s no point getting sad that it’s over, it’s better to be happy that it happened. Becky G had the last word when she tweeted saying that it looks like someone is throwing shade like it’s sunny.

There is no confirmation that the two were actually responding to each other, but the timing of the tweets are reason enough to justify that they were indeed dissing at each other.

Austin Mahone and Becky G were super happy with each other and therefore it was a shock for every one when it was revealed that the couple has separated. Becky G has reportedly shared the reason of her break up with Austin Mahone in the Prom issue of Seventeen Magazine.

She said that things were going perfect with Austin Mahone. They were happy and he was perfect and even inspired her to do great things. However, things didn’t work out because they had plans for their respective careers and they couldn’t let those things go.

The most difficult thing for them was the fact that timing was becoming an issue. Austin Mahone and Becky G were both busy working on their upcoming music projects and they couldn’t give time to their relationship.

They decided that they need to focus on their individual dreams first and they try to work out their relationship and things didn’t work out. Becky G added that Austin Mahone was perfect and it sucks that things couldn’t work out between them.

Both Austin Mahone and Becky G are doing exceptional work when it comes to their respective career. They are making good music and memorable ones. If they think that the break up was needed for their careers to prosper, then it seems like it all worth it.

Austin Mahone looks like he has move on already because he shared a photo of himself with a blonde called Amanda Gonz. The girl might be just a friend of his, but he has previously dated girls who had been a part of his friend group and hence his fans are very curious to find out exactly who the mystery girl is.

Austin Mahone had a great 2015 and he ended the year with a bang at the New Year’s Revolution held by Pitbull in Miami. The singer performed Dirty Work and surprised his fans completely. He sang the sultry song, while making some mean moves on stage. There were some fans who were hopeful that Austin would belt out This Is Not The Album with Becky G, but that didn’t happen.