Luke Hemmings: Opens Up About His Relationship, Confesses He Has Changed, Arzaylea Apologizes to 5SOS Fans, And More

Luke Hemmings has finally come out to reveal that he is indeed dating Arzaylea. The singer who sat for an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine stated that he has matured a lot ever since he started in the music industry. There was a time when he would shy away from such things, but he doesn’t feel any inhibition about making such statements.

The reporter stated that Arzaylea was there with Luke while the interview was going on and they were holding hands under the table. Fashion n Style reported that the fans of the singer were worried that the sudden change in attitude is because of Arzaylea.

There has been a lot of drama ever since September when Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea started dating. Arzaylea, as her name is on the social media shared photos of her hanging out with Luke Hemmings and the band members of 5 Seconds of Summer. With time fans realized that she was dating Luke Hemmings, though there was no confirmation from the boy himself.

Luke Hemmings is the most popular member of 5 Seconds of Summer and there are millions of girls dying to get him. There has always been a mystery over his love life and Luke Hemmings has surprisingly been very quiet about it.

There was a no girlfriend clause between the members of 5 Seconds of Summer, but that changed when Ashton Irwin went ahead and started dating Bryana Holly.

It was believed that Luke Hemmings will soon start dating, but no news was forthcoming from him. Then came the news that Luke Hemmings had been spotted coming out of The Nice Guy in West Hollywood with a brunette. The two seemed to have been on a double date since they were with Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly.

The media went tizzy with excitement with fans trying to find out what is up in Luke Hemmings’ love life. Luke, however, continued to maintain his silence on the social media. In spite of this, there was respite for the fans since the girl who was spotted with Luke Hemmings was pretty active on the social media and she kept on sharing photos.

However, things took a turn for the worse soon since Arzaylea updated a Snapchat that showed her with another heavily tattooed guy on the bed. The rumors immediately spread that Arzaylea was cheating on Luke Hemmings. The photo was immediately removed by Arzaylea, but numerous fans had kept a screenshot of the image and it was all over the internet.

Luke Hemmings was also spotted with Hailey Baldwin and it was believed that they were out on a date. However, Hailey Baldwin came out to state that she and Luke were just good friends and there was nothing romantic between the two.

Soon after, there were some very personal photos that were uploaded of Luke Hemmings While one showed him lying on the bed with checking his phone, there was one that showed him in an intimate embrace with what looked like Arzaylea.

The fans of Luke Hemmings lashed out at Arzaylea since they felt that he was breaching his personal space as well as rubbing it on their faces that she was with Luke Hemmings. The fans all teamed up against Arzaylea and attacked her. They called her a liar and also asked her to stop making up the very fact that she is dating Luke Hemmings.