Android 6.0 Marshmallow: HTC One M9 Receiving Update in Canada, Huawei Currently Beta Testing Firmware on the P8 lite, Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) Set to Receive Update, And More

Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released by Google in October 2015 and since then a number of renowned smartphone companies have started rolling out the update for their devices. Google’s own Nexus devices were the first ones to receive the update and presently companies like HTC and Samsung, Motorola and others are following suit.

Just in the recent past it was announced by HTC’s Mo Versi that the latest Android update will be made available to a number of carrier versions of HTC One M9 in Canada. Making good on that promise, the company has started rolling out the update for carrier versions of the HTC One M9 in Canada. The Android 6.0 update was recently made available to HTC One M9 owners on Sasktel, Wind Mobile, Rogers and Videotron.

The Sprint HTC one M8 was also supposed to receive the update sometime during the current week, however there has been no confirmation as of yet whether the device has actually started receiving the update.

The case is a little different in the UK where the Android 6.0 update has started rolling out for some carrier versions of the HTC One M8. It was stated on the official Twitter account of HTC UK that the update will arrive at a later date for the HTC One M9.

Another HTC device set to receive the latest Marshmallow update is the HTC Desire Eye. The announcement came from one of the ROM Developers of the company in his Twitter account who stated that the HTC Desire Eye will receive the Android 6.0.1 update with HTC’s own Sense UI 7.0 in the near future.

The Desire Eye was initially loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat and was updated to Android Lollipop back in the summer of the previous year. No specific release date for the update has been announced by the company yet, but it is being assumed that it will be rolled out sometime later in the current year.

Another company Huawei, is on the verge of rolling out the Marshmallow update for its devices in the near future. The company has already started the beta testing procedure of the Android 6.0 OS on one of their devices- the Huawei P8lite.

The company recently took to social media to announce that it is on the lookout for 100 volunteers for the single sim variant and 100 more for the dual sim variant of the P8Lite to test the Android 6.0 OS on their devices before the company finally releases the update for the common public.

The Huawei P8lite will reportedly be one of the first devices from the company that will receive the Android M update.  However, the very first device from the Huawei stable that will receive the update is the Huawei Honor 5X.

A renowned website reported that the Huawei Honor 5X is set to hit the US via Amazon and Newegg. It will be initially loaded with Android Lollipop 5.1. The Android 6.0 update for the device will be released on the day of its launch in US and users will receive the update OTA. The device is set to make footfall in US on 31st January.

The device will feature the latest version of UI from Huawei which is the EMUI4. Alongside the OS update, a number of security patches will also be rolled out for the device by Huawei in future.

The Huawei Honor 5X had earlier made its debut in the Chinese market in October 2015. For the time being the device will only be available on Amazon and Newegg in the US. It has not been confirmed by Huawei whether they will make the device available in physical markets in US at a future date.