Austin Mahone: Becky G Opens Up About Their Break Up, Performs at Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution!

Pitbull, however, is a genius since he got in both Austin Mahone and his ex, Camila Cabello, for his New Year’s Revolution. It was speculated that things might turn out nasty, but that didn’t happen.

Each of the singers gave a spectacular performance of their own and the fans couldn’t stop cheering. Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello are pretty matured and there was no bad blood between the two them, at least it wasn’t on display for the public to witness.

Austin Mahone is a great lip sync expert and we saw some of his lip syncing expertise when he and his friend Robert Villanueva shared a video of the two of them lip syncing to High School Musical’s Breaking Free.

This video was shot way back in 2012 and was shared by Austin Mahone a few days back. It looked like Austin Mahone was bringing out the Troy Bolton in him while he was lip syncing to the song.

While Austin Mahone sang the verses meant for Troy Bolton played by Zac Efron, Robert sang the parts meant for Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Hutchens. Fans are going ga-ga over the video and are requesting him to share more of such adorable flashback videos.

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