The Affair Season 3: Helen Likely To Reveal The Truth, Reconciliation On The Cards, Cole Might Have An Affair With Alison!

The Affair Season 3 might start with another new affair. Alison and Cole (Joshua Jackson) had fallen apart because of the death of their son in Season 1 and finally Alison and Noah decided to move in together and bring Joanie up, but now with Alison revealing that Noah isn’t the father of the baby girl, things are all going to change.

There is a chance that Scotty or Cole is Joanie’s father. However, since Scotty is already dead and there is no scope for a drama there, there is a huge possibility that The Affair Season 3 will see Cole being revealed as the father of Alison’s daughter.

Cole has moved on with Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno)at the end of Season 2, but he has always harboured feelings for Alison. Cole had felt so strongly for Alison that he was willing to forgive her cheating on him with Noah and take her back in. He had to battle with all those emotions to finally come to terms with the fact that Alison is gone and go ahead and get married to Luisa.

Now with Alison all alone, with Noah deciding on heading back to Helen, there is a chance that The Affair Season 3 will see Alison revealing the truth of Joanie’s father to Cole. This in turn will put his marriage at risk and fans will have to wait and watch to see if he leaves Luisa to take Alison and his daughter back into his life.

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