Fallout 4: Patch 1.4 Brings A Number of Additions, Fixes and Performance Tweaks to The Game!

Just today Bethesda has rolled out a brand new patch for their immensely successful title- Fallout 4. However, it should be noted that the new patch which is titled patch 1.4 is in its beta stage. Patch 1.4 reportedly brings forth some bugs and error fixes to the game.

A special announcement on Steam Community website regarding the new patch revealed some other additional aspects that it would bring with itself. The game will get a number of new customization options with the new patch. These customizations will be usable in the Settlements.

It will also make the Workshop eligible for supporting some add-ons that might be added to the game in the future. Apart from these, the patch will add several new items to the Settlements that include- meat bags and meat cart, super mutant clutter which will include meat totems, a number of brand new signs, portrait and abstract paintings and a number of new variants of metal and wood for doors.

The patch will also alter the way in which Settlements items are displayed. It was reported that the items that are added to the game via mods will now be marked with a + symbol. The same symbol will be used for upcoming add-ons.

The patch will also bring a change in the method in which attacks on Settlement functions. In case of an attack, the change log will display a message pertaining to the outcome of the attack. The big change in this case is that after the patch is applied, the Settlements will possess the capability to fend for themselves in case of an attack.

A number of players have reported about an issue related to Calvin Whitaker. The character would suddenly disappear from sight upon reaching Vault 81. Patch 1.4 will reportedly fix this issue.

It was often seen that upon combining Ninja and Sandman perks, the game gave damage bonuses to players which were incorrect. This particular issue will also be fixed by the latest patch.

Another issue that the patch will address is related to Rank 3 of the Grim Reaper’s Sprint perk. On application of this perk, players would often see that the critical meter is not filled correctly. It will also be fixed by the patch.

Apart from these, the patch will also bring more stability to the game and also work towards improving its overall performance. To be specific, the patch includesthe followingtweaks and fixes that improves the performance and stability of the game-

  • Fix for the issue in which the screen would not clear after using of scope.
  • Fixing of the issue related to carrying a minigun and sprinting in third person view.
  • Fixing of the issue in which the “Kremvh’s Tooth”quest item would not spawn properly.
  • Kellogg’s desk will now remain a working container during the quest of “Getting a Clue”.
  • An issue which would make it impossible for players to dismiss companions after the completion of the “Rocket’s Red Glare” quest will also be fixed by the patch.
  • Common ammo types will now be included in the Scrounger perk.
  • Fixing of the issue in which key cards would not spawn in the right way in Vault 75.
  • The area effect of explosives will now be effectively increased by the Rank 4 Demolition Perk.
  • An issue which would result in enemies not spawning in the “Airship Down” mission will also be fixed.
  • Fixing of issue of autosave counter getting reset incorrectly.
  • An issue in which quicksave and autosave messages would remain visible in loading screens will be fixed.
  • Fixing of issue in which vendors would stop exchanging caps in a proper manner after a number of transaction.

Apart from these a number of other tweaks are also brought forth by the latest patch. Readers can check out the full list of tweaks and fixes here.