The Affair Season 3: Helen Likely To Reveal The Truth, Reconciliation On The Cards, Cole Might Have An Affair With Alison!

The Affair Season 3 will deal with the trail and prison time of Noah (Dominic West) and it will also show Noah and Helen (Maura Tierney) coming closer. The midseason finale of The Affair Season 2 saw Noah taking the blame for Scotty’s (Colin Donnell) murder so that neither Helen nor Alison (Ruth Wilson) have to head to prison. It was actually Helen who was driving the car when it hit Scotty, but Noah takes the blame.

Noah has been devastated upon finding out that he wasn’t the father of Joanie and Alison had been lying to him all this while. He had left his wife and kids to be with Alison and had thought that they were going to have a baby and then Alison springs the truth on him.

While drinking, Noah meets Helen at the pub and the two get talking. After a walk in the beach, they both realize that they do feel each other, but before things can go any further, Scotty gets killed and their lives come to a stop.

Christian Today reported that Noah might be taking the blame on his head for Helen so that he can be somewhere close to having made up to her for his cheating and crass behaviour. There she was struggling to keep the family together while he went ahead and had an affair and then announced to his wife that he is expecting a baby with his mistress.

The weight of his own action weighs on Noah and he decides to go ahead and take the blame so that he can start to make things up to his ex-wife. The Affair Season 3 is going to continue with this trajectory and will focus on Noah and Helen.

Helen’s reaction to Noah’s admission as court reveals that she isn’t perfectly fine with what he had said in court. Maura Tierney spoke about her character in an interview with Variety. Tierney won the Golden Globe for her portray of Helen.

She said that Helen is a woman who is struggling with the different situations that life has placed in front of her. She doesn’t know how to handle things and Tierney hopes that life will mature Helen enough for her to handle the difficult times gracefully.

Tierney has also revealed that given Helen’s nature, there is a chance that she won’t remain quiet about Noah’s decision in the court and she will speak the truth out.

As Movie News Guide reported, it was just a testimony from Noah’s friend Max (Josh Stamberg) had proved him as the murderer. Max had seen Noah drive into his driveway on the night of the accident.

He had initially thought that Noah had come over for a drink. However, he realized that Noah never came into the house, instead used the water hose to wash the car and then drove off.

When Max went down to check the driveway, he found a spot of blood and this made the court realize that Noah was trying to remove the evidence of the crime from the car to escape the police. It looks like Helen will head to the court to give her account and make it very clear that she was driving the car when Scotty came into the middle of the road.