Shakira: Talks About Her Disney Character, Makes A Fashionable Presence at The Premiere, And More!

Shakira has decided to make her animated Disney character like her. The Hips Don’t Lie singer is going to lend her voice to the new animated film Zootopia from Disney. Shakira is going to lend her voice to the character of Gazelle and she felt that if Gazelle is going to get her voice then she must be more like her.

The character of Gazelle in Zootopia is a pop star. This was Shakira’s first outing with Disney and having grown up watching Disney shows on television with a tub of popcorn in front, she felt it was almost like a dream come true for her.

When Shakira was asked to give her voice to Gazelle, she had thought that the animation would be done and she would have to just stick with the character that Disney select for her. However, it turns out, Disney asked her to record the voice of the character and depending on the emotion of the scene, the different characters were molded thereafter.

Since Shakira’s opinion was recorded before creating her character, she asked Disney to make Gazelle a little curvy like her. When she first saw Gazelle, she wasn’t very happy with it since the character on print didn’t look like she would have a powerful voice like Shakira’s.

According to The Independent, Shakira asked Disney to Gazelle curvier and they happily agreed to do so. Shakira said that she had made the character of Gazelle to looks as close to her as possible.

While talking about her first animated character, Shakira stated that Gazelle was very loud and opinionated, but that didn’t make her a bad person. She was also quick to add that Gazelle very opinionated, but she cares for people and she has a social responsibility.

Now with a curvier figure, Shakira added that she and Gazelle have a lot of things in common. Both of them have eyes of the same color and also have the same taste for clothes and are both good singers. Shakira said that her first time recording for a feature film was a different kind of experience.

Shakira has recorded on numerous occasions, but they were different from recording for the voice over. While there is creative license in each of them, they are different in nature. Shakira releases her new single Try Everything in Zootopia and she felt that it highlights the central message of the film.

Shakira told Entertainment Today that the story of the little bunny in Zootopia, played by Judy Hopps, who dreamt big dreams, reminded her of her own self when she was overcoming obstacles to become a singer.

Shakira stole the show with her presence at the Zootopia premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday. She appeared at the event in a pink skater dress by Mac Duggal and mesmerized everyone with her gorgeous smile and kept blowing kisses to all the fans who had gather at the venue to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

Shakira’s dress was an instant hit with the fashion police. They loved the neon rose buds printed on the skater dress that had a Peter Pan collar along with a kicked out skirt. She wore a pair of towering heels and carried a nude clutch bag in one hand. Her hair was tied up in a pony-tail.