The 94Ah Battery in the 2017 BMW i3 Starts At $44,595, Reports Indicate That It Will Launch This Fall!

If all the heating systems and AC is turned off, the new 2017 BMW i3 could churn out an even greater range, provided that the car is in ECO Pro+ Mode. Due to the higher density of lithium ion cells, the new battery has an increased capacity.

The standard equipment for the new i3 includes an Interior Design Loft by Deka World, DC Fast Charge now available free for 2 years. You should visit for more information.

The new i3 gets Advanced Real Time Traffic Information. It has a Universal Garage Door opener along with Comfort Access and 19inch wheels. Besides the Moon Roof and Protonic Blue Color option, the Dark Oak Wood Trim is another optional feature.

The new 2017 BMW i3 has an increased range but starts at a price of approximately 44,600 dollars. Compared to that, other electric vehicles like Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt would cost a little more than 35000 dollars.

According to the recently reported cases, the i3 users are put at risk with the REx that results in a dramatic loss of velocity when heavy loads are carried or the car is going uphill. However, it’s not really worthwhile no matter how premium the new 2017 BMW i3 is.

What are your thoughts on the new 2017 BMW i3? Do you like its new features? Stay tuned for more updates!