Dishonored 2 Features Two Playable Protagonists, You Can Play the Game without Any Powers!

Dishonored 2 is a lot like the first game, with healthy bouts of stealth action, deadly or deathly, depending upon the player. Corvo Attono, the hero of Dishonored, returns as the protagonist and presently, he is joined by another member from the royal family. The game is set 15 years after the original game and shows a grown-up Emily Kaldwin.

She was the princess at the center of Dishonored. In the sequel, she is one of the two playable characters besides Corvo Attono, the protagonist of Dishonored. Emily assumed her rightful place as Empress after her rescue by Corvo.

However, Emily has been replaced by someone akin to an otherworldly usurper. Therefore, she decides to become a supernatural assassin herself so that she can take back her throne. The good news is that Dishonored is back in the gaming world, after a six-year hibernation period.

In this game, life in the Empire is failing without the Empress seated on her rightful throne. Emily and Corvo needs to get back her position and restore normalcy in the world. As the gamer, you need to figure out how to finish this task. You can play as a brutal killer and murder anyone who comes in your way.

You can also play as a pacifist, always resorting to stealth and not harming anyone you see. At the start of the first game, Emily Kaldwin was a 10-year old girl who was kidnapped after the assassination of her mother, Empress Jessamine Kaldwin.

The murder was framed on Corvo, the bodyguard of Empress. Corvo cleared out his name by the end of the game and it was further revealed that Emily was his own daughter. It is clear that you cannot play as both characters at the same time.

Near the beginning, you can decide to play as Corvo or Emily and with the rest of the game; you will have to stick to the character you choose. You need to start a second playthrough in order to witness the story from another person’s perspective.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of differences between Emily and Corvo. In Dishonored, he was the silent protagonist but this time, he is a middle-aged assassin and Stephen Russell lends the voice to his character. Obviously, he won’t be starting Dishonored 2 with his complete set of powers that were acquired by the end of the first game.

However, his abilities are quite similar to the ones he had before. Both characters have some powers in common but Emily has some new ones as well. A character named ‘The Outsider’ has marked both Emily and Corvo. This character grants them supernatural abilities like teleporting through a short distance or making clones of themselves.

You can play through the entire game without powers, in the Flesh and Steel mode. This indicates that it is possible to refuse the gifts from The Outsider. Similar to the first game, Dishonored 2 has eminent personalities behind character voices.

Robin Lord Taylor voices The Outsider, instead of Billy Lush. The other actors which have roles in the game are Vincent D’Onofrio as the Duke of Serkonos: Luca Abele, Sam Rockwell as Dunwall City Watch’s Mortimer Ramsey and Rosario Dawson as Meagan Foster, Dreadful Wale’s captain.

Dishonored 2 was first announced in E3 2015 and now, it is almost here. At E3 2015, Bethesda announced various games like Elder Scrolls Legends, Fallout Shelter and Battlecry. However, Dishonored 2 remained one of the biggest announcements from Bethesda.