The 100 Season 3 To Have a Two-Part Finale, Morgan Teases Exciting Things, Kane Might Be Killed!

There has been a lot of speculation about the name of the episodes and what it means. Enstarz has come out to reveal that perverse instantiation according to AI means a kind of a failure that gives way to the extinction of the humans. AI follows given instruction, but the same instruction leads to something that couldn’t been foreseen and leads to complete destruction.

The finale is going to be a terrifying one, given the title and there’s a chance that ALIE is going to play an important role in it. The finale hour is rumored to be devastating, but Eliza Taylor is super excited about the finale and cannot wait for fans to watch it.

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg, has never been afraid of killing people off in The 100. He has already killed off fan favorites Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) and Lexa and Yibada has reported that the killing isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Fans had been very disappointed with the fact that Lexa was killed off. They felt that all the LGBT characters in the show were being eliminated. Rothenberg said that he hadn’t intended on hurting anyone’s sentiments, but stood by the story and said that they wouldn’t change anything.

Lindsay Morgan revealed that the finale of The 100 Season 3 will tie up all the broken storylines. She said that all the loose ends will be wound up and the fans are going to see a lot of characters whom they haven’t seen for a long time.

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