The 100 Season 3 To Have a Two-Part Finale, Morgan Teases Exciting Things, Kane Might Be Killed!

Get ready for some action in the upcoming episode of The 100 Season 3. The characters are going to deal with some difficult challenges and will be faced with many hard decisions in the episode titled Join or Die.

The official synopsis for the series has been revealed and it states that Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is going to face a situation that is likely to change everything. Murphy (Richard Harmon) might be able to survive, but Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) is going to reach the breaking point.

Spoiler’s Guide has reported that the promo for the thirteenth episode shows Pike (Michael Beach) asking what the key to survival is. Octavia, looks in the other direction and responds with the fact that the key to surviving lies in not dying.

Pike, however, doesn’t seem to agree and says that the trick to survival is to keep fighting. It looks like the scene is one from a flashback sequence, when the teenagers were taking classes in space.

The key to survival is to fight, has been one of Pike’s favorite line and he has been using this frequently in The 100 Season 3. Pike could in fact kill anyone with his refusal to back out of a battle. He demands complete obedience and anyone who tries to disobey him ends up suffering really badly.

There are speculations of a romance between Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley). Clarke appears to be crying in promo for episode 13 of The 100 Season 3 and tells Bellamy that they need each other.

Clarke seems to like Bellamy, but she is still not over the death of Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey). This has made several fans believe that the talk about being with each other might simply refer to a pact to work together and survive.

Clarke’s life is at stake since Abby (Paige Turco) is looking for her. Abby is being controlled by ALIE (Erica Cerra). Abby has been threatening Kane to disclose Clarke’s location, but he has been refusing to do so, stating that he can’t reveal the information. Kane isn’t going to jeopardize the life of his people, even if it means losing his own life.

There has been speculation that Kane might die at the end of The 100 Season 3. This speculation had come into light even before Pike’s death penalty, but Kane had survived it. However, now with Abby threatening him under the command of ALIE, things do not look that good for Kane.

Fans are also of the opinion that Kane might be able to control Abby and make her recall her memories. He had done the same thing with Raven (Lindsay Morgan), but it didn’t turn out well for Raven.

Since Abby has been newly converted, there is a chance that the whole thing will work out smoothly. ALIE does want Abby, but she doesn’t want her as badly as she had wanted Raven.

The finale of The 100 Season 3 is still two episodes away, but CW has released the titles for the upcoming episodes and this has given rise to a lot of speculation and discussions. The network has revealed that the finale will be divided into two episodes, titled, Perverse Instantiation: Part One and Perverse Instantiation: Part Two.