Luke and Manny Head to Their Prom in The Upcoming Episode, Modern Family Seems to Have Lost Its Charm!

Modern Family Season 7 is going to head to a short break before it comes out with the twentieth episode. There is a lot of anticipation for Episode 20, titled, Promposal, since it will see Luke (Nolan Gould) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) going for their prom, all decked up in their tuxedos.

The boys will have to get their respective dates for the night and they will take the help from their family members for the same. Luke will head to Mitch (Jesse Tyler Fergusson) while Manny will go to Cam (Eric Stonestreet) to figure out how they should go ahead with their promposal.

The episode will also show Claire (Julie Bowen) go all paranoid. She is convinced that there is a mole in her company who is leaking all the secrets of Closet Fornia to an outsider right before Closet-Con. The viewers of Modern Family know how Claire can get when she is convinced of something.

On the other hand, Julia (Sofia Vergara) will go all out to make sure that she gives it back to her aunt Alice (June Squibb) for stealing her hot sauce recipe. Julia will take Phil (Ty Burrell) with her and the episode will see him get into the vigilante mode to make sure that no one messes with his family.

While everyone is busy dealing with different things, Jay (Ed O’Neil) will be trying to show his baby son, Joe (Jeremy Maguire) how to deal with things and work like a man.

The last episode of Modern Family saw Claire rescue a puppy from the road. She gets it home, but doesn’t want the kids to tell Phil about it since he tends to get attached to things very easily. Claire isn’t interested to take care of another living creature after the three children she has brought up.

There are all the drama about hiding dog noises and snacks. Phil ends up eating dog snacks and in fact, enjoys them thoroughly. In the end he thinks that he is being sent to the dog house for not being a good listener to Claire. He comes out to apologize to Claire for all his mistakes as a husband and Claire finally ends up showing him the puppy and Phil recognizes it as their neighbor’s pet.

On the other hand, Jay has his own set of problems with Gloria. He had never been open to meeting Gloria’s friends and their husbands. He would usually say that he is too old to meet new people. However, Gloria forces him to go out with the husband of one of her friends, Reece (Adam Arkin).

In spite of everything, Jay ends up liking Reece. He is the dentist to the L.A Kings and could be the one to provide him with all the courtside seats. He also impresses Jay with an invitation to set sail to Catalina on his boat, with none other than Wayne Gretzky.

Jay refuses the invitation since he doesn’t want Gloria to realize that she has been right. However, Reece realizes what’s going on and convinces Jay to come out with the truth. Gloria has already realized what he was up to, and punishes him by going for Ethiopian food and watching a romantic film.

With the seventh season of the popular show running on air, there is a general sentiment that the show has lost its charm. There was a special charm to the show in the earlier seasons that made it stand apart from the other shows that were on. The comedy show had a heart that made the show connect with the audience.