Luke and Manny Head to Their Prom in The Upcoming Episode, Modern Family Seems to Have Lost Its Charm!

It was not just the family unit that Modern Family dealt with that got the attention of the fans. The show also dealt with the inner lives of the characters and brought the whole cast together in a way that no other show ever did. Every incident or every story had a heart that made it special. This is something that is missing in the later seasons.

The Sun reported that Ariel Winter, who plays the role of Alex Dunphy, the nerdy daughter of Phil and Claire, has gone to attend the Coachella Music Festival. Ariel Winter has taken to the social media to share photos from the event. She is attending the festival with her boyfriend of two years, musician Laurent Claude Gaudette.

Ariel Winter shared racy photos of herself in a deep neck lacy top. She kept her red locks tied up in two braids and had even shared a photo of the kiss that the couple shared while attending the event of DJ Mustard. Ariel Winter also shared a photo with another female friend.

Winter has been playing the role of Alex since Modern Family Season 1 and had to reduce her breasts to play the character of the young girl.

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