Lucifer Season 2 To Deal with Lucifer and Chloe’s Relationship, Chloe Appears to Be Immortal, Number of Episodes to Increase!

Lucifer Season 1 finale is right around the corner and the trailer for the same has already been released. The episode titled, Take Me Back to Hell, shows that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has been charged of a murder that he hasn’t committed and it will up to Lucifer and Chloe (Lauren German) to clear his name and find out who the real culprit is.

The trailer shows that Lucifer is angry and distraught with the new situation at hand. He is tired of his life on earth and decides to back to Hell. However, this isn’t going to be as easy as he presumes it to be. One of the biggest spoilers from the season finale will be that Lucifer will realize that someone has escaped from Hell.

Maze (Leslie-Ann Brandt) had already asked for an enquiry on who it is that has entered Earth from Hell. The trailer also shows that there are feathers everywhere, which would bring in the obvious conclusion of angels flying about.

Given how interesting the whole season of Lucifer was, fans have already started speculating about what else the finale could deal with. As reported by Inquisitr, some fans have come out with the theory that Chloe Decker isn’t what she appears to be.

She may not be a simple mortal. Fans will remember that in the very first episode, Lucifer is stumped by her since his mind games doesn’t seem to work on Chloe.

Instead of getting mad, Lucifer finds it very interesting and a close friendship develops between the two. However, in the past few episodes, Lucifer has been worrying about Chloe and thinking about who she really is.

Some comic book fans, who have read the series on Lucifer, have come out to state that Chloe will turn out to be Elaine Belloc, the daughter of Michael, which will make her Lucifer’s niece.

There are some fans who believe that Chloe might not be Elaine, she might represent something else, like love. Given the huge debate that’s been going out on about the said topic, Tom Ellis decided to address it.

He said that that it was interesting to see what the fans have thought about, but also informed them that the story is much bigger than just Lucifer’s power getting affected by true love.

The Lucifer Season 1 finale will also show Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) realizing that the move to delegate duties wasn’t the right decision and he will get to sorting out the issue.

Lucifer has recently realized that Amenadiel was trying to kill him and given that he has been trying to be a better man than he has ever been, he coaxes Amenadiel to hit him so that he falls like Lucifer. Lucifer goads him, but Amenadiel doesn’t fall into the tactic and stays back.

Given the plans for Season 1 finale, fans can expect that Lucifer Season 2 will be bigger and better. Collider reported that Tom Ellis has thanked the fans for the kind of support that they have shown to the show.

Ellis went on to state that when Season 2 of Lucifer starts, the viewers will see that Lucifer actually has everyone’s good interest in mind. He is already shocked at seeing the hypocrisy that is rampant in humanity and his philosophy is a refreshing escape from it.

With Lucifer Season 2 sanctioned, the show will have a greater chance to explore Chloe’s identity and try to find out why Lucifer feels betrayed by her. According to Comic Book Resource, there is something explosive in the final moment of Season 1 finale that will set the tone for Lucifer Season 2.