Lucifer Season 2 To Deal with Lucifer and Chloe’s Relationship, Chloe Appears to Be Immortal, Number of Episodes to Increase!

Season 1 of every show is about finding the footing and working things out to make sure that it works. It is with Season 2 that things are going to be concretized.

Lucifer Season 2, as reported by Collider, is going to be longer than Season 1 and will deal more with the supernatural world of Lucifer. Given how interesting the plot with Amenadiel, Lucifer and Maze was, fans are hoping that Lucifer Season 2 deals a lot more with that.

  1. B. Woodside, who plays Amenadiel, said that it was great working with Lesley Ann Brandt and Ellis and it was their off-screen chemistry that made things so good on screen. Brandt and Woodside have been friends for a long time and they got along really well with Ellis.

There had been a lot of debate about Lucifer Season 1. Since the general sentiment was that it was a show that depicted the devil as a hero and hence whatever he did was glorified and it just highlighted the degradation of society. In spite of it all, Lucifer Season 1 was highly successful and the show was readily renewed for the second season.

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