The 100 Season 3: Eliza Taylor Opens Up About Clarke and Lexa, Roan’s Past Discovered, Zombie-Like Creatures Identified!

Bellamy gets injured in the process since Roan had to incapacitate him as he couldn’t afford for him to reach Clarke first. It was a choice of killing him or injuring him to stop and Roan showed great character strength by going for the second.

Roan had been banished by his people and tries to get in with some respect by bringing Clarke back, however, Lexa is a shrewd leader and she realizes that there is more good in imprisoning the prince of Ice Nation and betrays Roan.

According to Inquisitr, the upcoming episodes of The 100 Season 3 will reveal some zombie-like characters. This speculation is being based on the fact that Gideon was killed in the City of Light, but he didn’t remain dead and later it was discovered that no individual can be killed in the City of Light.

There are reports suggesting that Bellamy will make some interesting discoveries when he starts seeing things for exactly how they are as opposed to how he had previously imagined them to be. Murphy (Richard Harmon) will also start plotting against the Chancellor (Isaiah Washington).

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