Lucifer: Character Is Very Predictable, Refuses to Go Back to Hell, Mother’s Unite Against the Series!

The new show on FOX TV has created quite the buzz. Lucifer that premiered on 25th January has made the viewers sit up and watch. As the name clearly suggests, it’s about the devil, but don’t conjure about the pre-existing image of the devil in your mind. Lucifer, played by actor Tom Ellis is anything, but the one we have ever seen before.

He is a nightclub owner in Los Angeles and quite the ladies’ man. Lucifer lives an ordinary life and doesn’t want to go back to Hell even though his father has been asking him to return. As we all know, the devil is the one that’s always attractive and same is the case in this series.

According to Lowell Sun, the devil is charming because the very aspect of the devil that attracts us to him is something that is inherent in us and changes with every generation.

Lucifer in FOX TV has been taken from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel of the same name and it is being said that the Lucifer in the graphic novel has done a better job than what FOX is providing to its audience.

There is a general sentiment that FOX made Lucifer very predictable. He is a dull character and is portrayed by a very handsome man and the vision would have been very interesting if television wouldn’t already have been littered with the same characters. From The Simpsons to Family Guy to Supernatural, almost every network seems to have dealt with the character in some form.

However, the show seems to work because of some of the instances where Lucifer’s inherent nature comes out. He looks ordinarily human, very handsome actually, but what redeem Tom Ellis are the little moments where he behaves as the notorious one.

The opening sequence in Lucifer, he is caught by the LAPD for speeding. Instead of getting a ticket, Lucifer makes the officer confess that sometimes he puts on the siren and drives really fast around town simply because he can.

Lucifer is elated to see the law enforcer crack and tells him that there’s nothing wrong in doing so, it is fun and it feels good to sometime get away with something wrong.

The opening episode seems to pit Lucifer against the LAPD which is termed here as the corrupt audience by Lucifer himself. When the actress (AnnaLynne McCord) played by Lucifer is shot dead, Chloe Dancer (Lauren German) from the LAPD is assigned to the case.

Lucifer is badly affected by the death of his friend and he demands to know what the police department is going to do.

FOX TV has made Lucifer lose his notorious charm. His reason for being on Earth is that he is tired of Hell and having to run it. He is on a mission to enforce justice on earth.

Mazikeen (Lesley Ann Brandt) is as shocked at this comment as the audience. She tries to make Lucifer realize that he is the lord of Hell and needs to realize that.

According to Christian Today, the murder of his friend shakes Lucifer up and awakens in his something that he doesn’t quite identify. The Fox press termed this emotion as sympathy and love.

He has for so long been dappling in women, alcohol and the good life, but this incident brings about a complete change in him. Lucifer decides to pair with Chloe since she is the only girl who doesn’t get his charm.