The 100 Season 3: Eliza Taylor Opens Up About Clarke and Lexa, Roan’s Past Discovered, Zombie-Like Creatures Identified!

The post-apocalyptic drama, The 100, is back with Season 3 and there are going to be some major action and interesting turns and twist ahead. Wanheda Part 1 and Part 2 are almost over and this will open up new plot lines in the series.

The premiere episode of The 100 Season 3 saw the Ice Nation and Grounders chasing Clarke. According to Grounder lore, when a warrior is killed, their power is imbibed by the murderer. Clarke is very powerful after the Mouth Weather massacre and the Ice Nation and Grounders want that power from her.

The third season of The 100 began with a lot of chasing and finally by the end of episode 2, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) was captured by Roan (Zach McGowan) and taken to Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey).

However, the reunion wasn’t a good one. It showed Lexa delighted at having Clarke back and stating that she needs her, but Clarke responds to it by spitting on her face.

Clarke isn’t being able to trust Lexa and that is because she betrayed the trust of the Sky People in The 100 Season 2. Lexa is the one who is holding on to the coalition and if she falls then the coalition will break up and no one is prepared for the war that will then take place.

The new trailer for The 100 Season 3 shows Lexa asking Clarke to make her people bow before her to ensure their safety. Lexa tells Clarke that she wants the latter’s people to become her own, but Clarke isn’t very keen on it and is very suspicious of what Lexa is planning.

The fans too are unsure of what Lexa is up to. She hired the son of her nemesis Ice Queen to bring Clarke back to her. Roan, might be a bounty hunter, but the viewers are unsure about why he would team up with his enemy to deliver Clarke back, without even hurting her.

International Business Times reported that Eliza Taylor had recently opened up about her role in Season 3 of The 100. She said that the reaction of her character to Lexa will be explosive. Clarke loved Lexa with her everything, only to realize that she had been betrayed.

Clarke isn’t going to have it easy, now that she is back in safety. She will have to clear the air about the massacre in Mount Weather. Plus, her reunion with the Sky People is going to be terrible. She will have to clear a lot of air.

Jason Rothenberg, the executive producer of The 100 spoke about Clarke’s return to Arkadia and said that Clarke will have a very tough time. She will be reminded of her actions every moment and that is a terrible thing to go through.

What will hurt her more will be the fact that all these people are very dear to her. She loves them and they loved her back, but to be denied that affection and that love will kill her.

Rothenberg added that while the process isn’t going to be a fast one, there will be a time when things will be understood and accepted by either side. The process is going to be an emotional one and it will change them all completely.

Eliza Taylor also shed light on her relationship with Bellamy. She said that with Bellamy (Bob Morley) she had been very specific about their individual responsibilities and that didn’t go down well with him. Bellamy led the Sky People and tried to bring Clarke back, he knew that they couldn’t lose Clarke and was devastated when Roan reaches her first.