Super Smash Bros: Series Creator Taking a Break, Two New Characters Coming to Super Smash Bros 4 Through Upcoming DLC!

Just in the recent past Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros series and also its director stated that he is taking a break from the game. His announcement came through the latest issue of the Famitsu magazine.    

He stated that he has been putting in a lot of hard and sincere work in the development of new characters for the game’s DLCs and thus he has not been able to take a personal time off for quite a long time. He further added that he wanted to enjoy each day like it was a Sunday and so he is finally taking a break from his routine hard work.

That being said, he also mentioned that it has already been decided what his next job is going to be and thus his time off is more of a breather rather than being an actual break.

It was reported that his constant and dedicated efforts towards the game had taken a toll on his health and for the past two years he has been wanting to take a break but has not been able to do so because of the pressure of his work.

Sakurai also pointed out that he will not be working on another installment of Super Smash Bros game in future and this has sparked rumors whether Super Smash Bros 4 will be last game of the series.

In other news, two new characters have already been announced that are set to be added to Super Smash Bros 4 through an upcoming DLC. This DLC will reportedly be the last one that will be released for the game which makes the two characters the last ones to be added to it.

The two new characters that are set to take the Super Smash Bros 4 universe by a storm, are Bayonetta and Corrin. Bayonetta is the lead character from the series by the same name and Corrin is from the game Fire Emblem.

Two costumes which were worn by Bayonetta in Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 will also be added to the game through the DLC. Players will be able to dress up this character in these costumes in the game.

The other character to be added to the game is Corrin from Fire Emblem. Corrin will become the sixth Fire Emblem character in Super Smash Bros 4 as five other Fire Emblem characters are already existent in it. The already existing characters of Fire Emblem in Super Smash Bros 4 are- Marth, Ike, Lucina and both the versions of Robin.

Both male and female versions of Corrin will be incorporated into Super Smash Bros 4 and reports suggest that both of these characters will come with the same set of skills and moves.

The Dragon Fang ability which enables the character to transform itself into a dragon will be usable by players while playing with Corrin. Corrin will also be able to use the Omega Yato which is the final battle form of the Yato blade, in the game.

The upcoming DLC will also add Bayonetta’s Umbra Clock Tower Stage to the game along with a Jeanne colored variant additional costume for Bayonetta.  The character of Bayonetta will be seen wielding a number of guns which will be usable by players in fights with enemies.

She will also have a special skill which is the Witch Time. Using of this ability will slow down everything including the enemy which will then become vulnerable to attacks by the player.

The addition of this character had initially raised some questions among fans as in terms of popularity, Bayonetta lags way beyond when compared to the likes of Cloud Strife and Corrin. However, Nintendo America recently announced that Bayonetta 2 will have a re-release as a standalone title. The re-release of Bayonetta 2 will hit the market on February 19.