Lucifer: Character Is Very Predictable, Refuses to Go Back to Hell, Mother’s Unite Against the Series!

Critics have pointed out that it would have made a very interesting plot point if the showrunners had decided to show Lucifer, the notorious immortal against the Los Angeles Police Department that is convinced of its immunity, but that doesn’t happen.

The opening episode makes it very clear that it is only going to be Lucifer who will break the rules in the series and not Chloe, who represents the LAPD. The two enter a partnership to solve crimes and now becomes very predictable.

The show might have been called predictable and dull, but One Million Moms came together to protest against the series. They said that the show stands for religious profanity, vulgarity and violence. The opening sequence is full of scantily clad women and violence.

The general idea is, Lucifer might be portrayed as someone who is caring and loveable, and he stands for all the wrong things in life. When he questions why he has been termed as evil and tries to imply that he is evil because that is how God has decided to call him one, he brings about the age old debate of right and wrong.

No matter for what reason, but Lucifer has surely garnered enough interest and viewers are hooked on to it already. Leave a comment in the section below and share your thoughts on Lucifer.