Tesla Model 3 Spotted in Palo Alto, Will Arrive by The End of the Next Year, Will Launch in India Too!

Various reports state that the car will be launched in India too. In that case, it will become the first ever Tesla product to make footfall on the Indian subcontinent. That being said, prospective buyers in India will have to wait for some time before they could get their hands on the car as it is unlikely that the Tesla Model 3 will launch in India before mid-2018.

That apart, it will also be launched in other developing markets like Brazil and South Africa. A huge number of people have already set their eyes on the upcoming car. Within a week from its launch, the car had a whopping 325,000 pre-orders. It will be quite a challenge for Tesla to successfully tackle the production of the car so that it can meet all the pre-orders in time.

Under its hood, the car will pack 7,200 Superchargers. It will enable the car to reach 0-96 mph in just 6 seconds which is quiet impressive for an electric car. The car will deliver at least 215 miles even at a high speed. Tesla had also stated that it is trying to bring about an improvement in the range of the car.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tesla Model 3.