2017 Audi A8 Has Been Seen Performance Testing In Nürburgring, How Is The New Audi A8? Let’s See

Audi A8 was first spotted in the streets of Germany and a month later, the heavily disguised next-generation Audi A8 was noticed in the Nürburgring motorsports complex. It is in a town named Nürburg, located in Rhineland-Palatinate.  It seems like the Audi A8 was going through a phase of performance testing.

The Audi A8 is expected to come out in 2017, and it is heavily covered in decals. Reports further claim that the upcoming vehicle’s design in influenced by the Audi Prologue Concept Car of 2014. This isn’t a surprise but the car designer behind both Prologue and A8 is the design chief of Audi, Marc Lichte.

The 2017 Audi A8 will come with a single wide grille that features a sharp-angled single frame. It is located in the middle of angular headlights, positioned in front of the car. There will be a couple of pf-thin, wraparound tail lights located in the back portion.

The sides feature an upward facing sweep which is further located around the sills. The 2017 Audi A8 will have the standard V6 and V8 engines under the hood.

Audi A8 could still feature the W12 option, but it will introduce a new electric turbo technology to decrease the turbo lag faced by this car. Other speculations indicate that the next generation Audi A8 could decide to stick with the plug-in hybrid trend which is performing well in today’s market.

Other expected features in the 2017 Audi A8 are new gesture controls, a 48V electrical system, and the latest Organic LED Headlight technology. Audi is expected to release this car sometime in 2017. It is anticipated that this automobile will be showcased at the Paris Motor Show or the 2017 Geneva Motor Show this year.

This car will offer a completely autonomous driverless mode by making use of Audi’s piloted driver technology. This will enable controlling of car speeds up to 37 miles per hour.

The prototype was heavily camouflaged, but it has been confirmed that the design language is influenced by Audi Prologue Concept, introduced in 2014. The similar features include slim taillights and headlights along with a bigger front grille. Insiders are expecting the upcoming 2017 Audi A8 to be powered by turbocharged V8 and V6 engines.

What further backs up the suggestion is that the MLB EVO platform has been confirmed to be alternative-powertrain compatible. The entry level prices are not expected to fluctuate from that of the current model, which is priced at 63,520 pounds. Obviously, the price window will be widened with range-topping models that make use of more complicated technology and drivetrains.

The number of powertrains in the latest Audi A8 model has been reduced to two from four. All of the sedans include long wheelbase models along with sports exteriors that are similar to Audi S8. Black exterior accents are also available as packages.

All Audi A8s get an 8-speed automatic all-wheel drive while leather and power is present everywhere you look. The biggest choice will be to decide between the twin-turbocharged V8 and the supercharged V6. They will also get near-identical mileage returns. The new refined 2017 Audi A8 has been made on an aluminum space frame. It is also a legitimate contender to full-size BMW and Mercedes cars.