Irina Shayk Shares Photo With Bradley Cooper’s Mother, The Two Likely To Settle Down!

It seems like Irina Shayk and her beau; Bradley Cooper is going to be heading down the aisle soon enough. The couple had been going very strong for over a year now, and they are very much together in spite of all the claims that they will not last.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were very quiet about their relationship initially. They would be spotted roaming around the city, but would never be open about their relationship.

Things, however, changed during the Paris Fashion Week this year, when Bradley Cooper was there in the city, supporting and cheering on his girlfriend from the very first row in all the fashion shows. The two even made their first red carpet appearance at the Givenchy after-party, and the media couldn’t have enough of them.

Irina Shayk had always been very active on Instagram, but she had never shared any photos with Bradley Cooper. Irina Shayk has started sharing photos with Bradley Cooper.

The two of them shared a very cute photo while sitting in a tub. Irina Shayk recently shared a photo with her mother and sister and a blonde lady, who according to media reports, looks very similar to Bradley Cooper’s mother.

There were rumors suggesting that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper’s mother, Gloria, didn’t get along well. This was believed to be a death knell for the couple since Bradley Cooper is very close to his mother, especially after the demise of his father in 2011. There were reports suggesting that Bradley Cooper had broken up with girlfriends in the past because they didn’t get along with his mother.

When reports of Irina Shayk not getting along with Gloria were reported by the media, neither of them had come out to clarify things. The photo that Irina Shayk shared on her Instagram account apparently goes out to shut up all the detractors.

According to Hollywood Take, since Irina Shayk is happily posing with Gloria, it is safe to state that the gorgeous model is getting along fine.The photo was taken in downtown Manhattan.The couple is currently living in the city. They had been spotted strolling around the city together.

Daily Mail reported that on Sunday, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were on a romantic stroll through the Big Apple. They were holding hands and dressed in casual while they walked around the Tribeca area, enjoying the sunny day.

Irina Shayk decided to dress down on her day off and was spotted wearing a black tank top along with skintight shorts. The outfit showed off Irina Shayk’s gorgeous figure.

She kept the ensemble simple with a pair of white strappy sandals. Irina Shayk had pulled her hair up into a high bun and completed the look with a pair of black aviators.

Irina Shayk has worked with some of the top fashion houses and photographers. Irina Shayk was on a photo shoot for Peter Lindbergh in New York City.

While she was shooting, Irina Shayk was spotted chatting on the phone and she looked thoroughly happy while on the phone. She was wearing a black low-button blouse with a long sleeve with a knee length black pleated skirt.

Irina Shayk seems to be having a very busy schedule since she was seen shooting for another shoot, all dressed up and walking around the crowded city. She had a hair blow dried and open and looked radiant in minimal makeup. One of the shots had Irina Shayk wearing a form fitted sleeveless black dress with a floral pattern along the collar.