Audrey Again Makes A Connection With The Killer In Scream Season 2, Jake Ends Up Dead, Viewers Suspect Eli!

Scream Season 2 keeps getting better and better. There seems to be a lot of focus on Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) who happened to be well aware of Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire), the serial killer in Season 1. Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey were best of friends. However, after what they went through, it isn’t possible for them to get back to their normal friendship. Life has completely changed them and the bond they had shared.

International Business Times tried to find out what’s in the cards for Scream Season 2, but Bex Taylor-Klaus said that the cast members of Scream Season 2 aren’t told what is going to happen in the next episode. Bex Taylor-Klaus refused to give out any spoilers and said that she didn’t have any clue about Audrey’s relationship with Piper.

Willa Fitzgerald on the other hand, as reported by Movie News Guide, has revealed that Scream Season 2 is going to be darker than the previous season. The characters had matured after the traumatic experience of the last season, and they are living with the pain and mistrust that they had felt. They try to move on, but then they are unable to do so.

The episode Happy Birthday to Me was a hair-raising episode and has been aptly titled. The title was borrowed from the American thriller starring Glenn Ford and Melissa Sue Anderson. The episode showed Lakewood getting ready for a party, but then the viewers were well aware that this would be the venue that would attract the serial killer, and it was exactly so.

Audrey hasn’t informed her friends that there is a new Brandon James killer roaming around in the town. She knows for a fact that Jake hasn’t suddenly disappeared and that he isn’t avoiding Brooke (Carlson Young), he is actually dead. Audrey had a connection with the serial killer in Scream Season 1 as well and in Scream Season 2 she again ends up developing a connection with the killer.

This will place Audrey in the uncomfortable situation of hiding secrets from her friends and taking decisions, some of which might end up being terrible for her friends. She knew that the serial killer will be heading to the surprise party that is being organized by Kieran, but she doesn’t say anything and lets the plan continue. However, things get scary when Brooke ends up getting an unexpected gift from Jake right on time for the party.

The last episode of Scream Season 2 saw some of the gang trying out a bottle of tequila that was left on the porch, supposedly by Jake. Audrey immediately knows that something is off since she was aware of the fact that Jake is dead and couldn’t have sent across the pricey birthday bottle from south of the border. She tries to ask the others to stay back inside the house since things do not look good, but they do not pay heed to Audrey.

The moment the viewers saw the bottle left on the porch, they knew that things were not going to fare well. The kids should have known better, but well they didn’t. Right after tasting the alcohol, they knew that something wasn’t right and in spite of that they kept drinking it and this made them very vulnerable. Scream Season 2 sees the six of them have a trip that takes them deep into their subconscious.