PlayStation Plus Free Games Line-up That SONY Might Release for the Coming Month of July This Year!

The online gaming service that SONY provides to all the gaming devices under its banner is called PlayStation Network or PSN. Apart from offering it on a selected mobiles and smart TVs, this facility is available on PS Vita, PS 3 as well as PS 4. What this service allows is, it provides subscribers to play games online as well as make a universal online profile for their PlayStation games.

It also makes provision for the user’s Trophy collection, showing them in-game accomplishments. The service also allows the subscribers to send video messages and texts to other users. Not just that, it also enables them to form parties and play games online.

One such service includes the Play Station Plus. One of the main perks offered by the service is that in return for a monthly subscription is that, loyal PlayStation Plus users get to have their hands on an assortment of free games, made available by SONY each month for free. This gives users, countless hours of gameplay until it’s time to download something new from the PlayStation Store.

With each passing day making the commencement of July felt harder and harder; fans have started to draw up speculations as to what the games offered by PlayStation Plus will be, for the month of July. However, if you are a resident of The United Kingdom, there is good news for you.

According to toCloudpro, Sony has announced, that it shall be providing UK PS4 owners with the opportunity of enjoying the PlayStation Plus for free this weekend. There will also be opening online multiplayer along with special giveaways for the PS4 owners, in 48 hours.

The 24th of June, which will be this Friday, marks the opening of the PlayStation Plus open weekend. It shall start at 10:00 BST on the date mentioned above and last until Monday, the 27th of June, up till 10:00 BST.

All PS 4 users will be able to play games online without any additional costs. While, owners new to the PlayStation Plus will also be able to try out some of the features like time limited games, 10GB worth of cloud storage and PlayStation store discounts.

Normally, there are two free games available every month for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. For the PSP or PS Vita that is handheld, two games are given out every month also. Now, fans are investing much of their energy in trying to figure out, which are the games that might be coming out at the beginning of the second half of this year.

According to rumours, to Christian Time rumors are that this July, SONY might provide its PlayStation Plus club members, with either of the action-horror games, The Evil Within or Resident Evil 6.

Both these titles are being heavily speculated to be on the list of games to be released in July. Especially, for PlayStation 4, as there is news of Resident Evil 6 being in the process of being upgraded to a new version Resident Evil 7.

Fans are hopeful about the inclusion of the title Evil Within, I n the free games line-up because PlayStation Plus subscribers in Japan are getting it for free. This is leading the subscribers in the US to cross their fingers that SONY might bring the game to their part of the world as well.