Ariana Grande Reveals That She Doesn’t Do Chores Around The House, Draws Up Dates For Dangerous Woman Tour!

Ariana Grande recently opened up about her celebrity status and said that one of the perks of being a celebrity is that one doesn’t have to do the chores around the house. She revealed while talking to Heat Magazine that she is mostly on the road these days and is living in hotels, which saves her from doing the chores around the house that others have to look into.

While talking about the perks of celebrity life, Ariana Grande did mention that she isn’t proud of the fact and she is rather embarrassed to state that she doesn’t remember when the last time was that she took out the trash or did some work around the house.

While Ariana Grande is embarrassed about this, no one else is complaining. They know that Ariana Grande is busy doing what she does best, that is creating music!

Ariana Grande is at an all-time high these days since she has her recent album, Dangerous Woman in the top tank in the music charts in Britain. This was the first time that Ariana Grande has scaled to the top of the UK music chart, but she isn’t going to let it get to her head.

She had worked really hard on Dangerous Woman and she is going to continue doing so. Ariana Grande has seen quite a lot of criticism since she has dealt with her sexuality in the album. Ariana Grande has never been someone who focuses on her critics and this time, it is no different. Ariana Grande is very similar to Miley Cyrus in this aspect since she doesn’t shy from expressing her sexuality.

The two singers are in fact quite close and Inquisitr reported that Ariana Grande had recently revealed that she is inspired by Miley Cyrus and the way she carries herself. Ariana Grande went on record to state that she loves Miley Cyrus’ confidence and how she tries different things and pushes herself.

Potterheads will be glad to know that Ariana Grande is a fan of the book and had recently shared a photo of the book stating that it is never a bad time to start reading the series all over again. The singer might be on tour, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a chance to read her favourite book during the free time.

Ariana Grande had seen some trouble in her personal life. She had broken up with Big Sean and he was constantly dissing her. However, Ariana Grande refused to let that affect her. She even declined to pen down a break up song since she claimed that she had moved on.

Justin Bieber had joined Big Sean in one his performances and they had dissed Ariana Grande together. This clearly wasn’t approved by Grande and she even showed her dislike by addressing Justin Bieber as Satan while addressing him on one of her posts where he had commented. The two have made peace now since Justin Bieber had congratulated her on her new album.

The singer is now dating her backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez and she claims that she is very happy. She spoke about the new man in her life while in an interview with Billboard and said that she is happy and they are happy and that is all that she wants from her life. The fans of Grande will be glad to know that she included the song Moonlight in her new album. The song was inspired by Ricky Alvarez.