Ariana Grande Reveals That She Doesn’t Do Chores Around The House, Draws Up Dates For Dangerous Woman Tour!

Given the popularity of Dangerous Woman, it was a matter of time before Ariana Grande would decide to draw up the schedule for the world tour for the album. According to Australia Network News, Ariana Grande is drawing up the dates for the world tour and her fans are ecstatic.

She was on On Air with Ryan Seacrest when she revealed her plans for the Dangerous Woman world tour and said that she would be leaving for the tour by the end of this year or the starting of the next.

She informed her fans that she is drawing up the details and will keep the fans posted about the tour as and when things start to fall into place. She added that she will also give the fans the chance to get the tickets on pre-order so that they do not lose out on an opportunity to watch her perform.

The petite singer was recently the butt of a joke that compared her to Mariah Carey and said that she was what the ultimate thing they end up with while Mariah Carey was what they thought they had ordered for from the online store. Demi Lovato decided to stand by Ariana Grande and posted the meme letting the world know that they had got it the wrong way.

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