Audrey Again Makes A Connection With The Killer In Scream Season 2, Jake Ends Up Dead, Viewers Suspect Eli!

Initially, when Scream 2 had premiered, the viewers had thought that the killer, this time, would be the accomplice who helped Piper. This didn’t pan out the way the viewers had thought it would.

The third episode of Scream 2 apparently eliminated all the characters we had thought would be responsible for the murder. When the killer calls up Audrey, he/she watches over Emma in the video while panning over Eddie’s (Chase McCleery Bouchie) body that was placed in the bathtub.

During the same time, the other characters are also shown. Audrey was in her car, Emma was clearly in the video, while Brooke, Zoe (Kiana Brown), Steve (Santiago Segura), Noah (John Karna) and Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) were all in the movie theater and Emma’s father (Tom Everett Scott) was fighting.

Ever since Eli (Sean Grandillo) has come into the picture, there is a feeling among the viewers that he might be the killer this season. Grandillo spoke up about the issue and said that the character of Eli might be a little off and weird, but he doesn’t have any connection to Piper, which might place him as her accomplice and he has no connection to Lakewood.

Eli feels that he is being built as the new love interest for Emma. Emma is with Kieran and Eli is his cousin, but Emma seems to be drawn to him.

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