Tesla Model 3 Spotted in Palo Alto, Will Arrive by The End of the Next Year, Will Launch in India Too!

Tesla Model 3 is an all-electric four-door compact sedan that has been manufactured by Tesla Motors. Tesla took the veils off of the car on March 31, 2016. The large scale production of the car is likely to begin by the end of the oncoming year.

The car was recently spotted on the road which has raised question since it is not supposed to be delivered until the end of 2017. The car was spotted on a highway in Palo Alto. The location was quite near to headquarters of Tesla Motors in California.

Two Model S saloons were also seen along with the car, and thus it became apparent that the manufacturers were taking the car out for a test drive. The video was made by a person named Jeff Klakring who uploaded it on his YouTube account.

It is not the first instance of the car being spotted in public. The Tesla Model 3 was seen on the road around two months ago. However, the car’s appearance on a public road is quite rare. The car that was spotted by Jeff was black in color which had a matte finish.

The car shared a close resemblance to the original prototype that was unveiled by Tesla. The company has not changed much of the vehicle as far as its outer appearance is concerned.

The articulating door handles that were spotted on the prototype was seen on this car too. That apart, the design of the trunk has also been kept the same.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla had previously stated that the company will complete the final design of the car by the ongoing month. The month is about to end in a few days, and thus it is quite possible that the car that was spotted in Palo Alto will be the one that will hit the market in 2017.

It was reported that Panasonic and Tesla have undertaken a joint venture to manufacture the batteries for the car. The joint venture is not just for the manufacturing of the batteries of the Model 3. Instead, the batteries for the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model S too will be manufactured under this joint venture.

The production of the batteries was previously scheduled to begin by early 2017. However, both the companies decided to prepone things and now the production will kick-off in November 2016. The batteries that will be used in the Model 3 are lithium-ion batteries.

Some experts are of the opinion that this might enable Tesla to start manufacturing the car ahead of the schedule. If indeed the company does so, the chances are that it will start delivering the Tesla Model 3 a few months ahead of the due date.

The car will arrive with a price tag of $35,000 in the United States, and thus it will be one of the most affordable electric cars when it is finally put out for sale. The price mentioned here is for any kinds of incentives, both federal and state.

Some reports stated that Tesla was able to raise $1.7 billion in the previous month. Most of this money will be used by the company to kick-start the production process of the car.

The Tesla Model 3 that was spotted by Jeff had alloy wheels on it. The rims of the wheel were black in color, and it has to be said that they looked quite cool on the car. Overall, the car had a great outer appearance and looked quite stunning with the all-black look.

The alloy wheels were the only difference that the car had to its prototype. The prototype that was showed off by Tesla did not possess alloy wheels. The panoramic glass roof that was present on the prototype could be spotted on this model too.