Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Coming to Arcades in July, Likely to Be Released for Consoles at A Later Date, VR Release On the Cards!

Bandai Namco recently provided some insights into the upcoming game through their official blog. It has been 20 years since the first Tekken game was released and the release of Fated Retribution is another way of the company to celebrate this remarkable feat.

It was revealed that in the upcoming game, the dreaded Mishima clan will get a new member in the form of Kazumi Mishima. Various secrets of the clan will come to the light in Fated Retribution and the saga will finally come to an end with the upcoming game.

There is a chance that the game might be released for VR. It was reported that Sony is considering a number of games to bring to VR. These include the likes of Until Dawn, Robinson: The Journey, Battlezone, Gran Turismo and Rigs: Mechanized Combat League. Various reports suggest that Tekken 7 might also be released for VR alongside these other games.

Series creator Katsuhiro Haradarecently stated that the storyline will play an important part in the upcoming game. The story of the Tekken series that has been developing for 20 years since the release of the first game will be neatly tied up in Fated Retribution. According to him, this would draw the attraction of a lot of fans who are especially fond of the storyline of the game aside from its gameplay.

Stay tuned for more update on Tekken 7.