Scandal Season 5: Mellie and Olivia Team Up, Cyrus Leaves Fitz to Focus On Pennsylvania, Love Triangle, And More!

Scandal Season 5 has been rather low on drama for now, but it looks like things are about to change in a big way. In the last few episodes we saw that Mellie (Bellamy Young), the former First Lady will be teaming up with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) to prepare for the race to the White House.

There has always been a trope where ex-girlfriends would join in to take down the guy and it looks like Shonda Rhimes, the queen of television series, is going to resort to this time tested trope in the upcoming episodes of Scandal Season 5.

Mellie and Olivia had started out on two different pages with Olivia having an affair with Mellie’s husband, but then the two realize that they function well without Fitz. Olivia convinces Mellie that she has a good chance to win the election since she can use her husband’s rather public affair as a leverage to win support from the public.

It isn’t a surprise that the political drama is drawing closely on the current Presidential race in USA to build its viewership. The episodes will be high on political intrigue and drama and make sure that the viewers have an enthralling watch every time they tune in.

While Olivia is going to go all out to make Mellie the next big thing in the world of politics, Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Liz (Portia de Rossi) are going to do everything possible to make sure that they have what it takes to get President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) back in the Oval office.

While his team tries their best to make the public see his good side, President Fitz is only focused on the reporter that he has been flirting with. Fitz went ahead to say that he is ready to cancel a very important interview if he could get a date with a journalist who caught his eyes.

The journalist didn’t make things any better since she stopped an interview with the President that she was too distracted by his good looks, to focus on what he was saying. The wisp of a hookup is going to make Abby (Darby Stanchfield) very nervous, but Cyrus doesn’t seem to bother about it since he is focused on his next master plan that might not be something that the Governor of Pennsylvania is interested in.

Cyrus has realized that Fitz isn’t the candidate that he wants to work to. He would rather focus his energy and talent on a Presidential candidate who is more focused. The Governor is the perfect candidate for the Presidential race because he is from the immigrant community, he delivers inspiring speeches on educational reforms and is well, more focused on the White House than on women.

Liz on the other hand is working her own plan to make a mark in the White House. She is using David (Josh Malina) to make her own grand plan to work, but according to International Business Times, there is a possibility that David is well aware of the manipulation that Liz is delving in and might be playing along with Liz since he wants to control the President’s office as well.

Olivia might be busy with Mellie, but that doesn’t stop her from wondering what Jake (Scott Foley) is up to. He is the new head of NSA that makes her feel like he has something up his sleeves that he doesn’t want Olivia to know.