Scandal Season 5: Mellie and Olivia Team Up, Cyrus Leaves Fitz to Focus On Pennsylvania, Love Triangle, And More!

Things have become rather complicated when it comes to Olivia. She is back with Scott and has even gone ahead to sleep with him, in spite of knowing that he is in some way related to her father.

Viewers of Scandal will realize that Olivia and her father Rowan (Joe Morton) doesn’t share a typical father-daughter relationship. Rowan and Olivia are antagonists and the only thing that makes Rowan not kill Olivia and finish her once and for all is that she is his daughter.

Rowan had been sent to prison by Olivia and it looks like Scott knows something about Rowan and he isn’t speaking out about it to Olivia and she knows that something about Rowan can never be in the positive light. The very fact that Joe Morton has been made into a series regular highlight the point that things are going to get very messy with Rowan getting in to the helm of affairs.

In the midst of all this drama, there seems to be an awkward love triangle developing between Liz, David and Susan (Artemis Pebdani). David and Liz are working together to make a President out of Susan, but while Susan and David are kissing, Liz and David are also sleeping around and things are going to turn nasty when Susan realizes what’s happening behind her back.

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