Teen Wolf: MTV Releases New Trailers, Crystal Reed To Come Back, Tyler Posey Talks About His Life!

MTV has released two new trailers about the upcoming episodes of Teen Wolf and they reveal that Crystal Reed is going to be back in the series. The trailer for the episode titled The Maid of Gevaudan will have Crystal Reed star as an ancestor of Allison Argent, by the name of Marie Jeanne Valet. Crystal had appeared in the same role in the first three seasons of Teen Wolf.

Just Jared has informed that while Crystal Reed’s character is better known as the Maid of Gevaudan according to history, her real name is Marie-Jeanne, which had been revealed by a voice-over in the trailer. This makes the viewers very excited since they will get to see series favorite Crystal Reed once again, but not in her original character of Allison Argent.

The last episode of Teen Wolf was a major cliff-hanger and fans are waiting to find out what’s in store for them next. There is a lot of questions that the fans have about The Beast and MTV News has revealed that most of them will be answered in the flashback that will be dealt with in the coming season. The flashback is going to take the viewers back to 18th century France and will throw some light on La Bête.

The Beast according to the Argents is going to get stronger and smarter with the transformation and it is going to go on a quest to find out what its true identity is. For those wondering what is its true identity, it isn’t going to be the identity of the teenager whose body it has taken over, but the original identity of the 17th century body that it was, which leads us to the fact that this might be where Crystal Reed and her role as the Maid of Gevaudan comes in.

The Beast is going to be a tough contender for the wolf pack because it is not only completely evil and dark, but it is also huge and it can destroy anything on its path very easily.

Teen Wolf’s last episode, A Credible Threat was a very exciting one. For those drooling over Parrish, it began with him lying at home on his bed bared chested. Yes, this might be the reason for some trouble and hence Chris Argent was right there, pointing his gun at Parrish lest something should go amiss.

The episode had started on a very positive note with the teenagers in Teen Wolf heading to normal life in school with lacrosse and regular classes. However, nothing can continue normally for long in Beacon Hill and that is exactly what happens as the episode progresses.

We find Parrish missing from his bed with Chris Argent out with a group of teenagers as they come across corpses strewn everywhere.

According to TV.com there were dead bodies everywhere in the school and right when a dying man comes out in the open to ask for help, Parrish comes in to state that it was set up by The Beast.

The Beast wanted to allure the teen wolves with the dead bodies and he would have succeeded in his plan if it hadn’t been for Parrish. The Beast of Gevaudan runs away and Parrish gives chase to it.