Teen Wolf: MTV Releases New Trailers, Crystal Reed To Come Back, Tyler Posey Talks About His Life!

Corey on the other hand had a tough time because he wasn’t recovering from the burn he had sustained at Eichen House. He had hoped that they would heal faster, but they clearly weren’t. Corey wanted to leave Beacon Hill, but Mason talks him out of it stating that the town needed someone like Corey who was superpowered and also had such a good heart.

Inquisitr reported that Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey had been having a tough time in his private life. He broke up with his long term girlfriend Seana Gorlick after being engaged to her in 2014 and a few months later he had lost his mother to cancer.

These incidents had been something that Tyler Posey could never make himself talk about, but he has now come to terms with them and is willing to talk about it. He recently spoke to People about his break up and the loss of his mother, Cyndi Posey.

Tyler Posey said that he would want to be single for a while now since he isn’t one who regularly changes partners and is into one night stands. He has been with Seana for a long time and even after a year since thee break up, he isn’t ready to get into another one.

Tyler said that the pain of not having an engagement come true was hard enough and then he had face the fact that his mother started deteriorating. She had been struggling with breast cancer for over four years until cancer beat her.