Taye Diggs Joins Season 3 of Empire, Birdman and French Montana Will Guest Star As Well!

Traci said that he has been in the family for quite a long time, so it’s almost like incest. According to her, it is like kissing your brother on the mouth. They are good friends, and he is like another fly on the wall.

However, if he treats her right, Traci is okay with it since girls will be dominating the relationship anyways. In the second season finale, Anika and Rhonda were fighting on the edge of a balcony, and one of them falls off. Chaiken confirmed that one of those characters would die, but she didn’t reveal her identity.

Meanwhile, EW has the exclusive first look featuring the Season 3 poster of Empire. The poster shows battling exes, Cookie and Lucious. In the final episode of Season 2, Lucious had to marry Anika to prevent her from testifying against him, and Cookie was pretty pissed off about it. She had left before the couple took their vows.

Things are heating up for Empire Season 3. Who fell off the balcony? How will Cookie deal with Lucious and Anika? Does the new poster indicate a certain alliance between these two characters? Cookie looks like she is pretty worked up while Lucious looks calm and reassuring, perhaps a little sheepish too.

Stay tuned for more updates on Empire Season 3!