Show Has To Live Up To The Expectation Of The Fans, Fans Not Loving The Soundtrack For Mr. Robot Season 2!

Mr. Robot captivated the mind of the viewers with the first season. It has seldom happened that a series has made such an impact on the audience from the very first season. Not only has it created a large number of loyal viewers, but it has even gone ahead to become the first series to get six Emmy nominations in the very first season.

Mr. Robot Season 2 is riding high on the expectation of the fans. The first season introduced the viewers to Elliot Anderson, played by Rami Malek. He is an engineer at a cyber security company, which has among their clients one of the biggest organization in the world.

The E-Corp or the Evil Corp as it is also called. The viewers learn that Elliot harbors a deep-seated hatred for the E-Corp since his father died due to cancer because of the toxic wastes that are generated by the E-Corp.

Elliot ends up meeting a mysterious man called Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) who manages to make Elliot join the fsociety, which is a group of hackers who are working hard to wipe out E-Corp. The fans of Mr. Robot feel that there is something amiss about Mr. Robot, and it is only later in the season that the viewers realize that Mr. Robot is in fact, Elliot’s father, or a figment of his imagination.

The first season of Mr. Robot ended in a cliff-hanger. From what is being hinted at, the fsociety has been successful in bringing down E-Corp and putting the world in economic turmoil. The viewers connect to the world of Mr. Robot through Eliot and in such a situation, they feel equally lost when Elliot is unable to remember the last few days of his life.

What he remembers last when he wakes up in Tyrell’s car is that Tyrell had come over to his apartment and had taken him to the fsociety arcade. Mr. Robot Season 2 is trying to trace back the days that Elliot doesn’t seem to recall.

Some major nail-biting moments will be dealt with in Mr. Robot Season 2. There are rumors that Elliot has killed Tyrell, and the FBI might be able to trace the gun stashed in the arcade back to him. In such a case, it is important that Elliot can recall what he was up to in the past few days so that he can fight for his innocence.

Sam Esmail has spoken about how the reality has often reflected the storyline that they have created in Mr. Robot. Esmail is well aware of the fact that given the things that are happening all over the world, the viewers of the show feel that things aren’t all good, but they are unable to do anything to fix it. While the first season of Mr. Robot focused on complexity in the world, Mr. Robot Season 2 is likely to focus on what it means to be living in such a world.

Rami Malek is the heart and soul of the series since it’s his eyes and sadness that lend Mr. Robot the touch of the real. The first two episodes of Mr. Robot Season 2 show Gideon (Michael Gill) and Angela (Portia Doubleday) suffer and they serve as a foil to Elliot’s character. Elliot wanted to help the world from the clutches of the Evil Corp, but in doing so, he plunged the world into economic trouble.