Will CW Go Ahead With Constantine Season 2? Speculation About Constantine Making An Appearance In Legends Of Tomorrow, And More

It’s been long since Constantine Season 1 came to an end and there is still no word on whether Season 2 is going to become a reality. NBC had canceled the show and didn’t renew it for the second season because of low TRP.

Several fans claimed that the first season of Constantine didn’t do justice to the comic book on which it was based. Many felt that the production team didn’t have enough time to full off all the special effects that are going to be integral to the show and hence the second season was canceled.

The fans of Constantine have accepted the fact that they will not be able to see Season 2, but reports are suggesting that CW is trying to look into the matter and decide if there is an audience for Constantine Season 2. They feel that the show has a lot of potentials, and it would do good to release the second season.

After the network had canceled Constantine Season 2, the character of John Constantine was asked to make an appearance in Arrow. There is a chance that Constantine is going to be called upon to reprise his role in Arrow given that he has a large number of following. Even if Constantine doesn’t end up getting his series, the fans of the character are going to be happy seeing him on screen.

Hofmag has reported that Marc Guggenheim, the producer of Arrow, has denied any reports suggesting that Constantine is going to appear in Arrow as a regular cast member. He made it very clear that they had agreed to have Constantine on board only because it was a temporary thing.

It doesn’t look like Constantine is going to get his standalone series anytime soon. Even if CW is interested in getting Constantine Season 2 on their network, they will have to work out a deal with DC Comics, Warner Bros., and NBC. The network also knows that Constantine Season 2 cannot be worked out with the budget that the production team has at their disposal, and this is also a major factor for consideration.

Even if the budget can be worked out, the majority of the cast members have decided to go their separate ways since they couldn’t have been sitting waiting for the show to be finalized. Now it is going to be a task getting them back for the second season, even if it is finalized.

CW has picked up many of the superhero shows from other networks. Ever since rumors about Constantine being revived by CW Seed started doing the rounds, reports are suggesting that the show might be revived for the second season. The main reason for Constantine Season 2 being canceled was that the previous season didn’t enjoy a good rating.

However, CW Seed seems to have revived a lot of interest in Constantine and in such a light, the second season looks like a good deal for the network. With Vampire Diaries coming to an end next year, CW might be thinking of a new series to fill in the slot for Friday evening and Constantine Season 2 seems to be a safe bet. If Constantine Season 2 does get a place in CW’s Friday slot, then that would make DC TV be on air for five days in a week.