Release Date For Sniper Elite 4 Pushed To Next Year, Story Set Against The Background Of The Italian Peninsula!

There is bad news for the fans of Super Elite 4. It looks like the game isn’t going to be launched this year. There wasn’t any official confirmation on whether Sniper Elite 4 is going to be launched in 2016, but some fans were of the opinion that it would be. However, they are going to be disappointed since it was confirmed that Super Elite 4 is going to be launched on Valentine’s Day next year.

There is no concrete answer to why the game launch has been shifted to Valentine’s Day. According to Ecumenical News, Chris and Jason Kingsley, the co-founder of Rebellion Developments said that since the game developing company isn’t associated with any publisher, they can decide on the date that they want and not stick to the deadline set for them.

It is reported that Rebellion Developments wanted to push back the date of release from one in this very year to the next to give more time to the developing team. Instead of sticking to a schedule that had been decided on a long time back, they decided to go ahead and postpone the deadline so that the team gets some more time to fine tune Sniper Elite 4.

The official website for the game states that Sniper Elite 4 is going to be set against the background of the Italian peninsula. The background for the game is also going to have gorgeous Mediterranean coastal towns, mountain monasteries, and Nazi mega-structures. The game is going to bring in Karl Fairbourne, who will join the Italians in their fight for freedom against Fascism and the threat of the Allied Powers attacking them.

The story for Sniper Elite 4 makes it very clear that this time round, the game is going to give the player the experience of the second world war. The players will get the chance to experience the thrill of being a sniper and is set to be bigger and better than all its predecessors.

The most interesting part of Sniper Elite games are the fact that its campaign modes allow a single decision to trigger a myriad of possibilities. This unpredictability always keeps the players on the hook since no matter how many times they play it, their difference in decisions in one juncture of the game can change the whole game in front of them.

Sniper Elite 4 carries forward this charm in the latest game as well. It stitches in the backdrop of the World War II into a fictional story of different missions, which can take the players from Berlin to North Africa and then to Italy, as will be seen in the upcoming game.

The E3 2016 gave the fans a glimpse of what they can expect in Sniper Elite 4. The fans got to play the demo version of the game. They were given a mission where they had to detonate a bomb on a train bridge that will prevent the supply route of the Nazis. While the job at hand looks easy enough, the players realize that they have to use more than just the sniper rifles.

This is one feature that sets Sniper Elite separate from every other game. The game doesn’t limit the players to the role of a sniper alone. They have a vast arsenal of weapons at their disposal, and they can choose how to tackle the situation at hand. In the case of the demo version of Sniper Elite 4, which was unveiled at E3 2016, the players would have to remove the patrols and a small base to reach the bridge.