Disney Releases Trailer For Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Darth Maul and Thrawn Introduced, Tom Baker Confirmed To Play The Role Of Bendu!

The third season of Star Wars Rebels is on its way, and it has generated a lot of excitement among the fans. The channel has released 3.5 minutes long trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 3.

The Twitter update from the Star Wars page said that Star Wars Rebels Season 3 is going to see more allies coming forward and old enemies returning. The action series on Disney XD is based 14 years after the episode depicted in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and five years from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The Star Wars Celebration Europe revealed that there is going to be a character in the extended universe of the popular franchise, who can easily become more popular than the heroes. Before this hero can be revealed in Star Wars Rebels Season 3, the characters have will have to deal with the return of Darth Maul.

Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels saw Ahsoka, Ezra and Kanan head to Malachor. Even though they defeated the Inquisitors, things didn’t turn out very well for the three of them since Ahsoka went missing after dueling with Dart Vader and Kanan was blinded in his battle with Darth Maul. Maul might have been defeated, but he is still determined to take in Ezra as his apprentice and to remove Kanan so that he can’t be a hindrance to the plan.

Since Season 2, Darth Maul has gone ahead to introduce Ezra to Sith Holocron, who has successfully unleashed the Dark Side in him. The third season of Star Wars Rebels is going to open with a grown up Ezra, who is taller and with a firmer grip on his dark and light side.

The premiere episode will begin with Ezra joining Chopper, Sabine, and Zeb to try and rescue Hondo. Ezra will prove his leadership skills and this will cause him to become arrogant.

Kanan is going to move away from the Phoenix Squadron after his blindness, and this is when he starts using the Force to guide him. The Empire, on the other hand, is not being able to get much luck Season 3 is going to see Governor Pryce asking Grand Moff Tarkin to get a larger fleet

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer has made it very clear what the fans can expect in the upcoming season. However, this has made the fans crave for the third season even more. The fans of Star Wars Rebel Season 3 will have to wait for a long time until they can watch Season 3.

In an attempt to keep the fans satisfied, the co-creator and supervising director, Dave Filoni has given some scoop on the Star Wars Rebels Season 3. Filoni spoke out at the Celebration press conference of Star Wars Rebels and revealed that one of the most interesting things that the viewers are going to witness in Season 3 is the character of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the expanded universe associated with him.

The addition of the character of Grand Admiral Thrawn was met with a huge cheer at the press conference, and it goes to show that the creators have hit the right cord for Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels.

Thrawn is one of the meanest guys in the franchise and getting him on board is going to make the series more interesting than it already is. He is going to make sure that the Rebels cause their downfall. He won’t feature much in the earlier episodes, but will make his influence felt.