Fans Dying To Get Scoop On American Horror Story Season 6, Kathy Bates Not Returning, Children Placed In Remote Location To Be The Focus Next Season? Let’s See

Ryan Murphy, the writer of American Horror Story, has always been one to be upfront with the viewers about what is happening in his series, but things look to be a little different for American Horror Story Season 6. The fans had expected that they will find out details of the upcoming season by now, but this hasn’t happened.

While the title and the plot of the story are still unknown, the fans are assured of the official premiere date. The premiere date for American Horror Story Season 6 has been set for September 14, which is a month before the original date for the release of new seasons for the franchise.

By this time last year, the viewers were aware of the setting being in a hotel with the majority of the cast members confirmed. For American Horror Story Season 6, the production team has confirmed that Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, and Angela Bassett has been confirmed. Sarah Paulson hasn’t been confirmed yet. Paulson and Evan Peters are two actors who have been present for every season of American Horror Story.

Kathy Bates is another actor who has been a part of every season of American Horror Story. However, she has officially announced that she will not be returning for the sixth season of American Horror Story. She went ahead to say that she had thoroughly enjoyed her stint in the series, but five seasons is a long time, and now she needs to focus on getting full-time roles in other shows.

Kathy Bates announcement has given rise to speculation that Vera Farmiga is likely to step in place of her for American Horror Story Season 6. Farmiga is a regular in the horror genre, having been a part of both Conjuring and Conjuring 2.

While there is still no official word on the final cast for the upcoming season, it has been revealed that Season 6 of American Horror Story is going to work with a smaller cast than the other seasons.

According to Inquisitr, American Horror Story Season 6 is going to work with two new directors. One of them is likely to be Angela Bassett, while there is still some confusion on the other director. There is a report that the other director is going to be Jennifer Lynch.

Lynch has been on board for the series when it comes to locations, and her name has been confirmed for at least one episode. The sixth season of American Horror Story needs remote areas, and Lynch has been a driving force for this.

Lynch has been talking about remote locations in American Horror Story Season 6. Her social media account contains information on trying to finalize locations for the shoot of the upcoming season, and there are some who believe that Season 6 might take place in a cabin in the woods. This is one setting for a horror genre that hasn’t been explored in American Horror Story.

Some reports are suggesting that there are going to be two seasons of American Horror Story in a year. This might suggest the early premiere for Season 6.

In that case, fans are hopeful that the next season of American Horror Story will be out sometime either in winter or spring, next year.  Though the news is not officially confirmed, John Landgraf, the FX president had talked about a situation where Season 6 was working with two plotlines.