Samsung To Launch Samsung Gear VR 2 With Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Is Going To Be Lighter!

Samsung has decided to launch the Samsung Gear VR 2 and ever since then the virtual reality aficionados have been trying to gather as much information as they can of the Gear VR 2.

There has still not been any update on when the Samsung Gear VR 2 can be expected, but Christian Today has reported that there is a chance that the Gear VR 2 from Samsung is going to be launched along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Tech Radar has reported that there was a listing, which showed that the new Gear VR 2 model, with a number SM-R323, was shipped for testing purposes. There is a report that the shipping was made only for the purpose of testing, and it is still not available for sale. While there is no other information of the Samsung Gear VR 2, the tech experts are of the opinion that the new virtual reality device is going to contain the USB Type-C-port.

What this immediately reminds of, is the fact that Samsung is going to replace the micro-USB port with the Type-C port, and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to have the USB Type-C-port. Since the Note 7 isn’t going to be able to connect to the previous VR headgears, it is but obvious that Samsung is going to come out with a new Gear VR headgear for the users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

In August, Samsung is going to hold their Galaxy Unpacked event, where they are expected to reveal both the Samsung Gear VR 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There is speculation that Samsung might even give out the Gear VR 2 headgears for free for those going for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung Gear VR 2 headgear is going to be a part of the Daydream ecosystem created by Google and is going to have an Android VR operating system. Samsung is also rumored to be creating a Daydream-enabled smartphone, which is believed to the be the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Samsung Gear VR 7 is going to be compatible to both the Oculus Home and the Daydream since it was co-created by Oculus.

Mobile & Apps reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be launched during the Rio Olympics 2016. Since Apple, LG, and other smartphone companies are looking for the same time frame to launch their new products, there is going to be a major competition. In the light of this, there is a chance that Samsung and LG might release their products before time to beat the competition.

Professor Chang Seok-kwon from the Hanyang University said that Samsung has the advantage of preponing the date of their product launch since they create the hardware on their own, unlike Apple.

Seok-kwon went ahead to state that there is a need for smartphone companies to come out with more and more new products and a fast rate since the competition is now based on speed.

In such a situation, given the rush and demand for VR headgears, it looks like Samsung Gear VR 2 is going to be launched soon enough. Venture Beat has reported that Samsung has made a significant number of changes and updates in the new Gear VR 2. Samsung has tried to make the headgears light, so they have removed the positional tracking feature.