Samsung To Launch Samsung Gear VR 2 With Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Is Going To Be Lighter!

The Gear VR headset is going to transform the Samsung phone into a mobile virtual reality headset. There is a wide range of apps and games to choose from. No matter which game or app the users choose, they will immediately transform them into a 3D landscape that lets them explore the landscape of the surrounding area, simply by tilting or shaking the head.

CNET reports that one of the best ways to use the Gear VR is to sit on a rotating chair. While some of the VR headgears need to be plugged into a PC, there is no such limitation when the VR headgear is attached to the portable smartphone.

The Gear VR might only be compatible with Samsung devices, but it is one of the best available. The low price along with the light weight is sure to work on their behalf for Samsung Gear VR 2.

According to Pocket-Lint, Samsung has come out to state that the Gear VR 2 might not need a smartphone to work. There is a chance that the new VR headgear is completely self-sufficient.

Injong Rhee, the R&D head for Samsung has revealed that they have already started working on wireless and dedicated VR headgears, which do not need a smartphone to work with. Even Andrew Dickerson, the director of software development for Samsung, has called 2016, the year of VR.

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