Taye Diggs Joins Season 3 of Empire, Birdman and French Montana Will Guest Star As Well!

Taye Diggs will be joining Season 3 of Empire. The alum of Private Practice will be portraying Angelo Dubois’ recurring role. He comes from a well-respected New York family and is a city councilman, as reported by TVLine.

However, don’t be fooled by Angelo’s wealth and pedigree since he is not concerned with money as much as he is interested in local politics and community organizing.

His noble passions have already given rise to comparisons between Barack Obama and his character. Diggs will be introduced in the 21st September premiere of Empire. He will be joining guest stars French Montana, Sierra McClain, and Birdman in Season 3.

The final episode of Empire Season 2 was ‘Past is Prologue’ where Jamal refused to make any music after going through a life-changing experience. His family finally put a stop to the endless cycle of violence.

In the meantime, Anika (played by Grace Gealey), has the Feds watching over her so that she can testify against Terrence Howard, who plays the role of Lucious. Cookie wishes to protect her family, so she decides to meet up with people from Lucious’ and her past. The meeting takes place at Laura and Hakeem’s wedding.

Season 2 finale for Empire, featured a major cliffhanger for the viewers. Andre (played by Trai Bryers), walks into a fight between Anika and Rhonda and notices them fall off a New York City roof. Therefore, the season viewers are currently waiting for more on this situation. Right now, the finale episode of Season 2 is not exactly being focused upon.

People are now wondering about the different poster which came out for Empire Season 3. In the teaser poster, we can see a different version of Cookie and Lucious. It is facing more questions since the last episode of Season 2 shows Cookie walking off and Anika getting married to Lucious.

He wants to stop her from testifying against him in court. In Empire Season 3, younger versions of Lucious and Cookie will be introduced to the fans.

Lucious has his unique sense of style and an incredible voice. According to the poster, the on-and-off couple is coming back together for something huge in Season 3.

From the looks of it, they could still be battling each other in the next season. Empire Season 3’s premiere episode is ‘Light in the Darkness.’ According to Ilene Chaiken, the first episode of Season 3 will focus on a battle between light and dark. It will raise questions about Lucious being the dark lord, pulling people in different directions.

Chaiken further pointed out that if Lucious’ half-brother is Tariq, it is not good or bad. According to Chaiken, Cookie deciding to walk away will be a major part of Season 3. Since their relationship has run its course, it will put brilliance into the third season of Empire. The third season of Empire will return on FOX network on 21st September 2016.

French Montana, the rapper, will appear in Season 3 of Empire as Vaughn, a music mogul. He will be featured as a member of the powerful inner circle of Lucious Lyons. According to some reports, he will play the role Cookie’s love interest.

Montana’s appearance was teased by series co-creator Lee Daniels. People have come to know Montana’s name due to his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Meanwhile, Birdman has been making headlines due to his relationship with Toni Braxton, the singer. Traci Braxton talked about her sister dating the co-founder of Cash Money and admitted that their relationship seems rather strange to her.