Maura Deals With A Science Geek Turned Murderer In Rizzoli & Isles Season 7, Will Any Other Cast Members Die In The Remaining Episodes? Let’s See

Episode 7 of Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 will be another interesting episode. It is because Dr. Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli along with the rest of Boston PD Team members will solve the murder case involving a bicyclist and the killer is apparently a science geek.

Before the upcoming episode and the highly-popular 100th episode of the famous TNT series, the previous episode showed how Maura and Jane, Boston’s crime-solving duo, solved a murder case involving a cancer patient.

The patient’s death was initially linked to a ghost story. However, after a thorough investigation, Jane proved that there no ghosts haunting the hospital. Instead, a murderer was lurking about that place. After the ghost-related murder case, Maura and Jane will face another challenge to solve the most serious crimes of Boston.

Episode 7 is titled ‘Dead Weight’ and it will feature a classic mystery-solving angle while Maura tries to solve the case of a combusted bicyclist from a scientific aspect. CarterMatt reports that Episode 7 will be a humorous one since Jane will play a teaching role at Quantico.

Jane can be mostly seen solving crimes; therefore, being a teacher will be an interesting twist. The 100th episode of this series is creating some buzz as well. This episode will focus on the directorial debut of Harmon with Cagney and Lacey alum along with the Sharon Gless, the Emmy-Award, winning actress.

Movie News Guide reveals that she will be the guest star of this episode. TNT is yet to reveal the character to be played by Gless but according to social media photos, she will be playing the role of Jane’s prison colleague in the No. 100 episode. Jon Nash, the executive producer, told KSITE TV that she did a great job directing it.

According to Nash, the series finale will focus on a combination of tears and laughter.

The series’ 100th episode will focus on the story of Det. Jane Rizzoli is going undercover in a county jail while searching for a brutal murderer. The upcoming episode will also focus on some conflicts since EW reported that someone would be disturbed about the undercover mission.

Before Season 7 Episode 6, Maura went through an operation to help solve some of the cognitive issues after sustaining the head trauma during the shooting accident. The highlight of the previous episode of this series was Maura being reunited with Hope, her biological mom (played by Sharon Lawrence).

Ecumenical Times reported that Hope visited her daughter Maura after knowing about her condition. In Season 7 Episode of Rizzoli & Isles, fans witnessed a heartfelt mother-and-daughter conversation. During this conversation, Hope talked about her regrets to Maura when she finally gave her up for adoption.

Rizzoli & Isles is a crime procedural from TNT but features a lot of humor in it. Considering that, it is surprising how the cast members have lost some characters during its run. Some of them, for instance, Frost, occurred due to some devastating circumstances, but overall, this is a show that has personally dealt with death.

We witnessed that early during the premiere, and some of us feared that Maura’s brain injury could turn out to be fatal. Since we are in the final season, a lot of us are expecting a happy ending.

Will the remaining episodes continue happily without an important character dying? For now, we can be confident that the remaining cast members will get out of it alive since it is hard to think about the showrunners killing off a series regular.